Bullet Point Sunday 4 = 7 October 2012

* Rain, rain and more rain... why?!?

* So - I had all these points, funny and all, but I didnt write them down or start my post early this week... they've all gone, ALL GONE! I am still blaming 'Baby Brain'; how much longer do you think I can milk this excuse?!?

* I read a comment on Instagram 'It'd be fair to say success or failure currently rests solely on the 2 year old's mood'! Oh - I SO understand this (and this from a Mum of 5... and the two year old being her second youngest; that made my day)! Thanks Dee, you have no idea how normal that makes me feel!

* This time next week me and the kids will be at my parents for our first night solo... hubby is looking forward to a quiet week at home! 

* This week I have been blogging about 'real life', with my 'Trying So Hard' post and my 'What Do You Do...' (to beat the blahs) BUT, there is more real life I haven't posted about yet!

That 'Meatloaf I tried cooking...

Yeah - not so good,  does not look anything like Ange's picture... 
Seems I can't even get meatloaf right... so sad!
Never mind - as hubby said, practise makes perfect; and I think my oven cooks hot.

* Meal-times can still be an issue in our house... breakfast and dinner being the worst! However - it turns out my toddler LIKES cold porridge! She eats a few mouthfuls when she first gets up, insists she is 'finished Mummy', but then comes back to it half an hour to an hour later, and refuses to have it warmed up! Strange child!

* This week we have done loads of jumping on the 'pampapeen' when it wasn't raining (used to say trampoline properly, but no more), and done some waterplay - with Ruby having a bubble bath:

* We had a fairy Princess visit us:

* My little boy is growing up... quickly:



And with lots of cuddles:


* None of my clothes fit... seriously, even the jeans need a belt these days! It is a good thing - yep, it is a good thing that I need a belt (been repeating this all day, all day)!

* I am loving kindle... sweet, sweet addiction!

* So much more to say, so many memory issues - at least tonight anyway! Maybe it was the three non-evenings, followed by broken nights due to teething and toddler issues...

Goodnight all!


Amy said…
Love your week's update, the photos with single word description are so clever!
Munchkin never wants breakfast as soon as he gets up either – he always has to play for a ‘likkle while, Mummy’ first. I ask him every 5-10mins until he either says yes and heads for the table, or I can talk him into it! Good thing he doesn't have a hot breakfast either. Grin.
And ovens can be very tricky, I have discovered…we’ve had 2 that cooked way too cold and I wondered why I could never cook a roast. I finally am cooking decent roasts now I have a decent temperature oven! You could maybe try the same recipe again, but set your oven 20-30degrees cooler?
Hope you have a lovely week! See you next week!
NO NOT baby brain - sheer exhaustion! In fact I would almost call it Toddler Brain........
Love the jumping photo :-)
Love and Blessings
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