Bullet Point Sunday 5 = 21 October

* This needs to cover a whole fortnight - I missed last week due to having travelled down to my parents with two small children that day... but hopefully I will remember enough to cover the majority of the 'interesting' points!

* Both the kids slept yesterday afternoon for a couple of hours, and they are both down now also... miracle! I think they're both asleep this time also ('lil M is, and Button appears to be - no noise for quite some time from her; so we're living in hope)!

* Hubby TOLD me to blog... he told me to forget going out or doing housework, and just relax and do something I want to do while I can, like blog. I listened!

* I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle... I'm getting a kindle!!!!!!! Can you tell I am just a LITTLE bit excited by this!!!!

Link here

* There is another house being built down our driveway - loads more traffic, and a digger (much to Button's delight) means that walking the driveway can be a bit hazardous to ones health! However we did take the chance the other week and caught up with our neighbours... first Sue popped out with her beautiful parrot for the children to admire, then Russell joined us with their dog Bella (they were off for a walk, and to see the latest developments at the new house) and then Janet stopped (she was driving) and showed us their new motorbike that she'd just picked up! Just so it makes more sense - Janet and Russell are married, and Sue is Janets Mum; she lives in a different house to them, but is 'just up the drive'!

* For those who aren't aware, or are new readers - our driveway is one kilometre long, and our house is right at the very end! We share the driveway with 5 others (soon to be 6), and we share 'our' house (it's HUGE) with 9 others... our landlords (older couple), a young family with 3 children, their boarder and another older single guy (we rent the back part - totally self-contained and seperate... 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 toilets and a large open-plan living space)

Our house from the front... can't see our bit, it's behind!

Here is our part of the house...

The top of our driveway - our house is the very LAST house on the left; you can barely see it!

* We love it here!

* I'm trying to get more organised... I keep saying that, but I really mean it; it just isn't always the easiest thing to do! I will do a seperate blog post about what I am planning to doing / changing in order to become more organised!

* We started officially toilet-training Button TODAY... yep, in the first hour we had to change her FOUR times! But the afternoon was much more successful - no changes, but then again, no going either! Hmmm, glad it's Labour Weekend and hubby is home for another day ;-)!

* We have just stayed 6 days with my parents (well, me and the kids anyway)... it was fun, and actually far more relaxing than I expected it to be!

Here are my parents with Button, 'lil M and their cousin Munchkin!

* I got two pair of leggings today... wahoo, 3 pair of pants that now fit!!!!

* We have a little parrot in our house, be warned - everything you say WILL be heard and WILL be repeated! Some days it is funny, some days it just isn't!

* I have to go... the hubster is bugging me!

PS - You get the picture I am sure!


Yay - great catch up - and good to know the afternoon was better.... long may it last.
Love and blessings
Sammy said…
Your house looks amazing and what a wonderful place to live!
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