Bullet Point Sunday 6 = 28 October 2012

* Happy birthday to one of my closest friends...

May you have a blessed and amazing year this year!
(God knows that you need one)!

We love you and are truly thankful to have you in our lives...

* It has been a BUSY, but fun week!

* Today is DAY 5 of fine weather... I think that even beats last summer! It is really starting to feel like summer is just around the corner, and boy am I ready for it!

* I have never known so much washing... praising God for fine weather at the moment! Between a small boy on solids, and a toddler toilet training - there are clothes (dirty clothes) everywhere as far as the eye can see!

* Suicide hit our church this past week... my head can't comprehend it, and my heart hurts for family and friends. If you are praying people, please be in prayer for my church family - there are a lot of people in shock and pain over this, it has been a rough few days.

* The reality is I live an amazing life; and times like these are reminders to grab every moment... to take every cuddle and squeeze we are given with our loved ones. To look forward, and stop looking back and comparing - life is GOOD.

* I love family - we have seen a lot of family this past week; and I love that my kids are growing up with cousins all of similar age on both sides... I have got photos for Africa, but I need to sort and decide what to share here before I can give you a montage of these. 

* Needless to say it has been a chaotic week, following a week away, we had family staying for 2 nights this week! But I wouldn't change it for the world...

* I had so much fun outside with Button on Friday - sun, water, camera... a recipe for A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Have I mentioned that I am looking forward to summer, and again - photos everywhere; just had to share these though:

* The kids are BOTH asleep, and we promised them a trip to the beach this afternoon if they slept - so I am looking forward to that... camera is ready!

* 'lil M is FINALLY rolling intentionally, photos here to prove it! Next goal - capture it on video! 

* Button went 8-9 days between poohing this past week, and now 'lil M has just gone 5 days... oh the joys of parenting! Nothing quite like it; thankfully they're both feeling a little lighter today ;-)!

* We popped out last night for some close friends 10th wedding anniversary celebrations... this took me 5 minutes to accomplish:

Oh - I hate photos of myself, not even sure why I am sharing these!

* The kids were both running of NO sleep, Button had been up since 6:20am and had refused to sleep... 'lil M had all of maybe 3 hours all day, and we'd been out all afternoon as well! They were A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! As Hubby says - we need to stretch them sometimes, and do the odd thing like that; it doesn't hurt them or us (despite the exhaustion, we're all still alive and well)!

* I think that about sums the week up really... I have SO many posts to write up, but still feeling constantly tired and pulled in every direction. If you have e-mailed me / PMed &/or FBed me / text me  and I have not yet replied; sincere apologies, I am not even up-to-date on my e-mails, let alone had time to reply to many of them. 

* If you are on Instagram - look me up: lysher1012, that's about the only place you find me at the moment; as I am still taking photos, even if nothing else is happening!


Oh the joys of family life :-) Glad to hear that all is well, despite the washing for miles ........ And yes it is still dry here although the skies have been cloudy for three days.
Hope you got your trip to the beach.
Love and blessings
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