Randomness - from a not quite so tired Mum!

(at least not today)!!!!!!!!!

* I might not be quite so tired... but I am having odd dizzy spells! Hmmm, strange but true! However, I think hubby worked out the answer to that mystery - low iron, still breast-feeding etc! So should really ring the Doc and pop down and see her this week...

* I LOVE... I mean LLLLOOOOVVVVVEEEE Whittakers Dark Ghana Peppermint and have I mentioned previously that it is dairy-free! Oh yes - totally addictive:

I'd pretty much say 'yes' to anything if you promised me a good coffee and a bar of the above (oh - and some child-free time; that would almost put you under miracle worker / angelic in my books)!!!!!

* I hate wind... seriously, I'd have a thunder storm over wind any day! I know I have mentioned my odd hatred of planes before, but wind is right up there also. I have never been a fan, but this house totally has sealed that for me - we are quite exposed, and have a hill right behind us; yep, not a good combo for a wind-hater like myself! We also have a rattly chimney going through our bedroom, if I don't learn to sleep while living here with all those noises - then I'd say there is very little hope for me *grin*!

* I have two parenting magazines waiting to be read - TWO! I devour them normally, I subscribe to 'Little Treasures' and also have the latest 'Parenting' Magazine from The Parenting Place, and generally anything like this is read in the first 24-48 hours; but this time life has got BUSY and they're both still sitting there only partially read. I have managed to read the article written by the lovely Simone from Great Fun for Kids, and just to top it off - it challenged me enough to put the mag down and play with my daughter, who was asking for some time! That is my excuse anyway ;-)!

* My daughter is still WIDE awake down in her room - we have a monitor, as she is downstairs and we are upstairs; and it is endearingly cute listening to her (sometimes), chatting and singing to herself! Her latest favourite song is 'Once I Caught a Fish Alive', before this it was 'ABC'... we have also had 'Twinkle, Twinkle', 'Row, Row', 'Old McDonald' and numerous other nursery rhymes sung over and over again! Sometimes this has driven me to distraction I have to admit...

* Today we have had a Pooh-Nami to beat all previous ones from my son (now he is on solids, he is only going once every 2-3 days, oh boy)! And a choke resulting in a vomit from my daughter, who has STILL not learnt when to stop shovelling things into her mouth; that child could seriously do my head in some days! Most of the time she doesn't get to that stage, and maybe she has now learnt her lesson... maybe! Thankfully she is growing up, and handled it like a pro - quick cuddle once it was all over, and straight back into her highchair to finish lunch while Mummy cleaned up... poor little brother had been in the middle of a feed, and got chucked onto the couch when I had realised just how serious this choking session was! Ah - the joys of parenting (and the copious amounts of washing)!

* We are, surprisingly, I mean - REALLY surprisingly, enjoying 'New Zealands Got Talent'; we really DO have talent in this little country of ours! But we also have some really funny people as well - it is worth the laugh on a Sunday evening!

* Talking of talent - whatcha think of those All Blacks!?! *Swoon*... oh how I love my boys! Yep - I am one of those all-round kiwi gals who love her some rugby, much to hubby's delight!!!!!! Our first 'date' was to an All Blacks game (in fact we think we were playing Argentina - can't actually remember now though, ooops), totally won me over!

I think this is me just about done now...


Young button had better not do the 'choke' while here :-)!!
Glad to hear you are not quite so tired, and if you are low on iron, that could be causing some of the tiredness too.......
Love and blessings
I've just put that choc on my grocery list - I always go for the peppermint ones in a box of Roses :)
Hope some red meat and iron tabs do the trick xx
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