Things To Do... No Time To Do It!

It has been busy here again... there always seems to be 101 things to do, and never enough time (or energy) to do them all. I could use a few extra hours in the day (well, evening really, once the kids are asleep *grin*), and maybe an extra day each week, but it has to be a 'weekend day'; as nothing gets accomplished when I am dealing with the kiddo's alone!

Dreams are free I suppose!

Anyway - I am thinking and listing and trying to come up with some time-saver plans; things that may take a bit extra time to get sorted and start implementing, but over time will eventually help us save time!!!! You can tell that there has been a lot of time taken on this paragraph... ;-)!!!

One of the things is a Monthly Planner, this is how it started off looking:

I have a diary which I keep a track of things, but I found I was missing stuff as it only has two days on each page... and instead of looking ahead, I'd be double-booking us, as I would tell myself I'd just add it in later. Not a good look! So I decided I needed a bigger planner - one I could check dates out in a glance, so decided a monthly one was the way to go (I used to use a calendar for such things, but haven't found one for the past couple of years that has fitted my particular needs).

But then I started thinking about how many other things I wanted to include on here, and how little room there was - so started thinking about it again, and wondering what would work best (plus who can be bothered going to this much trouble every single month - it took me a whole evening to draw this up and fill in the gaps)!

So upon investigation, I found this:

Image found here

Thank you Warehouse Stationary... I think you've solved my problem! Off to buy one tomorrow I hope :-)! I know it's only a weekly one, but I can then add in important dates for that month down the side, and start my shopping list as well - here's hoping it works as well as I imagine it will! I only hope it is magnetised so I can pop it on the fridge!

This all came about because hubby wants to start exercising and losing some weight before Christmas, but he is one of those guys that needs accountability or it just won't happen; so he asked me to write up a Star Chart for him like I have done for Button, thinking it would be a fun and visual way of getting him to his goal... But after a bit of thought, I came up with the Monthly Planner instead - as we both have a lot of 'little' projects on the go, and we keep adding more and more into our evenings, forgetting some of the 'big picture' items! So this way, we both have 'scheduled nights' for our projects, exercise, time together and 'down time'; of course it is flexible as well (for example - tonight is meant to be our 'date night', but we were both tired last night - so swapped a 'busy' night for our 'date night', and tonight I get to write up a blog post or two instead)!

I am also writing up a 'Master Shopping List', which will then be transferred onto the computer... the hope is that this way it won't take as long to compile a list each shopping, we won't be forgetting things and thus making subsequent trips to the shops, and that in turn will help us stick more closely to our budget. It also means I know exactly what is in our cupboards, and can start to menu-plan around this.

I am also collating a whole pile of recipes - starting out basic, and hoping that as my confidence grows, so will my repertoire of meals! I really want to build up a gluten-free stash as well... and where else better to start than all my favourtie blogs! I had no idea how many of you lovely folks have 'Recipe Tabs', and who also cook either gluten or dairy free meals as well! Yay, so much information right at my finger tips...

Also back in July (JULY - really?!? I think I have lost a few months), I did this post about Herbs and Spices... Still hadn't done anything about it, until the other night I felt so guilty I collated the list from all the lovely comments left - and came up with a list of favourite herbs and spices 'I must get', followed by a few others which will be bought over time as well! Talking of thyme, this was everyone's favourite herb - interesting, that and parsley won by a mile!!!

So with all the above in mind - the dream is to attempt Menu Planning again! One day, maybe, one day... one thing at a time though, I am slowly getting there!

Other things I am hoping to start doing is finding a gluten-free shop online where I can order bulk from - gluten-free bread is EXPENSIVE (as well as everything else), and hubby is great at making bread! But finding the time to drive out to a specialty shop and purchasing what he needs just hasn't happened in months, last time we did this was pre-'lil M days (so over 6 months ago) and we went all the way to Browns Bay... but basically, that was all we did for the entire day!

And the list of other things I need to do doing:

- Rearrange linen cupboard (been on my list for MONTHS, literally)!
- Sort 'lil M's clothes out, he is now 6.5 months old and needs bigger clothes! They grow SO fast!
- Go through Button's summer clothes, and then check out Trade Me for some bulk summer clothing - as I know she has grown, and probably very little from last year will fit her.
- Get some summer linen for Button! She has still got flannelette sheets on her bed, and is using one of our queen size blankets (her duvet is now way to hot to use)!
- Sort out a photo of 'lil M and get mounted on a photo block for the lounge (we have one of Button at 6 months).
- Start thinking about Christmas and presents!
- Get Hubby to build some storage units for root veggies (potatoes, onions, kumara etc) and other things in the pantry and rearrange this also..
- Start a klick-klack container wish list (hubby works with/beside klick-klack; very handy), in order to sort out my pantry to make the rearranging easier, and also to sort out my container cupboard!

And this my friends, doesn't even start on my own personal wish-list of projects - you know, the extra hours blogging and reading and other such 'fun' things I'd like to be able to do... this post gives you an idea of just how many projects I have running around in my head at any one time of the 'fun' variety!!!!

I think you can officially call me 'The Crazy Project Lady' (rather than 'The Crazy Cat Lady' or something of the sort)!


You may have loads of plans, but they will help you achieve. Well that's the theory ;-)
Love and blessings
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