What do YOU do...

To beat the BLAH's?!?

I have just asked this question on Facebook... and will share some of the answers at the end of this post!

Basically me and the kids have got ourselves into a bit of a rut - there is always someone either sleeping or eating (or about to), and it makes it difficult to get out of the house, and with the horrid weather as it is - who wants to get out anyway?!?

So I need some blah-beating idea's that will get us through to summer... some fun activities to do with the kids that don't require a lot of planning, and preferably isn't weather-dependent! Poor old Button is suffering the most, as now she doesn't even get out to Playcentre - so she is stuck at home day in and day out! I do try and get out at least once a week - but this week it's Thursday and we're still at home. Had planned on going out today, but baby slept an extra hour and the weather was atrocious this morning - so that put pay to that. Maybe tomorrow...???!!!

But I also need some help - so not just kiddie idea's, but some things I can do for me, but again; can be done in and around children, doesn't take much planning or cost much money. I knew my Mum would say put on praise music - which she did, but the reality is with two small children... anything else can't be loud or it would drive me insane, rather than make me feel better. I do have the radio on, but not loud otherwise it competes with the kids - drives hubby mad, as he thinks the radio NEEDS to be heard and constantly turns it up! I can't even add exercise to the list without it either being kid-friendly or weather-friendly; we have a x-trainer, but I don't like it much and it isn't kid-friendly (so hubby found out when he started using it again recently, so he tends to use it in the evenings now)... 

So fire away friends...

I need things to liven it up here:
- Kids Activities
- 'Me' Activities
- Family Activities
- Fun Activities

Anything I can't do now, I can stow away for summer fun or for when the kidlets get a bit older... so anything and everything goes really! I just need to know there is more to this life :-)!

PS - so far I have had (from facebook):

- Sylvia Park florist sometimes have cheap flowers ($1-$2). I drive or walk down sometimes to buy them. When I get home I'm always motivated to clean the house and put some bright coloured flowers around the place. They usually last about 5 days. Nice to wake up to a tidy house and flowers :-) You could always go an pick some with Button if Sylvia Park is too far.
- Go outside and shampoo the sheep...anything will feel good after that...:)

- No Mainly Music groups or alike that you could go to? How about something just for you like a Zumba class or a craft class. I usually bake as it warms up a cold room and spreads delicious smells to wake up the senses. Then invite people over to share it :-)
- Go for a nature walk or visit the beach xox

- Loud and continuous Praise music with a great beat for you and Button to bop to!

- Bake :-)

- My fav music played loud & bit of a dance :)

- Eat and shop. Oh you wanted helpful suggestions? hehe

Thanks guys - keep them coming!


Give yourself and Button some 'special' time when Lil'M is sleeping when you can do something like collage that is age appropriate. Bubbles in the afternoon when lil'M is in the bouncer and can also watch. They could be a good distraction on a bad wake up day for Button too!
Love and Blessings
Cat said…
It IS hard having kiddos on different sleeping patterns - what I did was mornings were spent OUT in fresh air socialising at Mainly Music and/or Playgroups etc - youngest slept in my arms, baby carrier or pram. Afternoons were spent AT HOME sleeping! Somehow I managed to get both kids on same or similar afternoon sleeping pattern which gave me ME time ;)
Good Luck
Widge said…
yea Mainly music was a life saver for me! I know others have said it too but it really is great!!!!!
I think when my kids were tiny I went to at least 2 a week just to get out of the house and to socialise and as a bonus the kids love it, start them early, because I've seen people start them at 4 or so and the kids arent very into it which can make it hard.

Also check out local churches for mothers or coffee groups. i got so desperate when we moved to a new town i started my own, i literally chattered up mums in the playgrounds and exchanged numbers and used to weekly invite a whole heap of them over (this also is great motivation for house cleaning! win-win ;)

feeding the ducks
visiting pet shops
story time at the library

failing that get playhouse Disney channel ;)

Amy said…
We pour rice. Or rather Munchkin drives his cars through it.

We play with playdough, or make a tent with a sheet over the back of the couch.

We garden. Plant bean seeds. They are pretty sturdy and grow fast...or you could stuff an eggshell with cotton wool and sprinkle grass seed or wheat on top - keep it moist, draw a face on, and you've got a haircut on the way!

I have to get out every day, to be honest...I go spare otherwise, so I bundle up and head out sometimes even in the rain - and figure if we do manage to get wet even with all our gear on, we can always change when we get home. Grin.

Don't suppose you could ah, encourage Lil M to sleep when his sister does? We have had to monitor Munchkin's sleeps (read: get him up most afternoons before he wakes himself) as otherwise he doesn't want to sleep at night...but then he doesn't usually wake up grumpy. Most friends with two kids seem to just end up hauling #2 around more - sleeping them in pram, etc even if once a week to visit friends...had a dirt playing day last week where three of us with our four boys were out for a few hours on someone's land...boys had a great time, youngest kinda slept in stroller, we chatted, Munchkin slept on the way home for 30min instead of his usual 2hrs - he was exhausted but if we only do that once a fortnight he and I both survive it. Hope you find some things that help.
Amy said…
things for you:
Paint your nails?
Teach Button to put hairclips in your hair?..this could occupy you both for hours...teach her how to massage your scalp or shoulders too!
Read one of your books?
Digital scrapbook?
Amy said…
Another idea that popped into my head today:
MacDonalds! I am not even a Macca's fan at all, but their $1 chips make for a tempting wet day outing - our local one has a kind-of dry play area that we've used on a rainy day. And it only cost us $2...a hot apple pie for me and one for Munchkin. Grin.
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