What do YOU do...

To beat the BLAH's?!?

I have just asked this question on Facebook... and will share some of the answers at the end of this post!

Basically me and the kids have got ourselves into a bit of a rut - there is always someone either sleeping or eating (or about to), and it makes it difficult to get out of the house, and with the horrid weather as it is - who wants to get out anyway?!?

So I need some blah-beating idea's that will get us through to summer... some fun activities to do with the kids that don't require a lot of planning, and preferably isn't weather-dependent! Poor old Button is suffering the most, as now she doesn't even get out to Playcentre - so she is stuck at home day in and day out! I do try and get out at least once a week - but this week it's Thursday and we're still at home. Had planned on going out today, but baby slept an extra hour and the weather was atrocious this morning - so that put pay to that. Maybe tomorrow...???!!!

But I also need some help - so not just kiddie idea's, but some things I can do for me, but again; can be done in and around children, doesn't take much planning or cost much money. I knew my Mum would say put on praise music - which she did, but the reality is with two small children... anything else can't be loud or it would drive me insane, rather than make me feel better. I do have the radio on, but not loud otherwise it competes with the kids - drives hubby mad, as he thinks the radio NEEDS to be heard and constantly turns it up! I can't even add exercise to the list without it either being kid-friendly or weather-friendly; we have a x-trainer, but I don't like it much and it isn't kid-friendly (so hubby found out when he started using it again recently, so he tends to use it in the evenings now)... 

So fire away friends...

I need things to liven it up here:
- Kids Activities
- 'Me' Activities
- Family Activities
- Fun Activities

Anything I can't do now, I can stow away for summer fun or for when the kidlets get a bit older... so anything and everything goes really! I just need to know there is more to this life :-)!

PS - so far I have had (from facebook):

- Sylvia Park florist sometimes have cheap flowers ($1-$2). I drive or walk down sometimes to buy them. When I get home I'm always motivated to clean the house and put some bright coloured flowers around the place. They usually last about 5 days. Nice to wake up to a tidy house and flowers :-) You could always go an pick some with Button if Sylvia Park is too far.
- Go outside and shampoo the sheep...anything will feel good after that...:)

- No Mainly Music groups or alike that you could go to? How about something just for you like a Zumba class or a craft class. I usually bake as it warms up a cold room and spreads delicious smells to wake up the senses. Then invite people over to share it :-)
- Go for a nature walk or visit the beach xox

- Loud and continuous Praise music with a great beat for you and Button to bop to!

- Bake :-)

- My fav music played loud & bit of a dance :)

- Eat and shop. Oh you wanted helpful suggestions? hehe

Thanks guys - keep them coming!


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