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Fabulous Friday

It has been a fun day here today... tiring; but fun! I am very proud of myself, I managed to do some baking with Button today! If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you'd know I'm not good in the kitchen  (nor do I enjoy it); but I have just discovered how quick and easy it is to bake biscuits! I wish someone had told me years ago (or maybe that should read - I wish I had listened years ago *grin*)!  Last weekend I did two batches of biscuits, and they turned out rather scrummy, both Button and I enjoyed them a little too much! So today, due to not having any biscuits left - I decided to do another batch of the Chocolate Chip ones (Button's favourites), and now I knew how the recipe worked; I figured she could help me... we had SO much fun! I waited until 'lil M had gone down for a sleep, so it became a special 'Mummy / Daughter' thing... I made the dough before lunch (with a little helper), and it has to cool for 30 minutes

Creative Inspiration...

I bought my first ever e-book on Kindle recently... 112 Christian Authors and Publishing Professionals Share Their Best Advice for Novelists   By  CJ Darlington . And I finished it... the same day! Quite a feat when you're a stay-at-home Mum with two little ones to look after (and the toddler refused to sleep, giving me less than one hour of child-free time all day)! So that goes to show you just how interesting and inspiring I found this book to be; I was also battling mastitis and had a trip to the Doctor that day as well, just in case you still weren't convinced that the book was good! I took notes - copious notes, I NEVER take notes on books I read; but I found I couldn't help myself with this one!  So, being the wonderfully giving person that I am (cough, cough) , I thought I would share some of the notes; some of the most inspiring aspects of the book, with you all - you never know, it may be 'just what you need' also! The book was wri

Bullet Point Sunday 9 = 18 November 2012

It has felt like a long week this week... for both of us, Wednesday should have been Thursday, and of course Thursday should have been Friday! However - today definitely was Sunday, and not Monday!!!! But we have still had a few memorable moments to record... So - here is hoping I can keep it short and sweet this week, with few words and plenty of pictures! There has been: BUBBLES RAINBOWS READING STORMS * We have also had priceless moments; big sisters insisting on reading and playing with little brothers (so cute, she really was pointing out things in the books and 'telling' 'lil M what they were) : * Nana has been visiting and Button has completely dominated her time... they have fed chickens, done loads of stamping, and reading, and walking and playing and shopping and 'who knows what else', but it has been lovely to have someone else to listen and play with her! Here is Button waiting for Nana to go a

WW - Photo Catch Up!

I have finally got caught up naming all 400 odd photos sitting on my computer... and think some of them are well worth sharing with you all (bare with me *grin*) ! This is post is going to be photo-heavy; don't say I didn't warn you! 7 November 2012 - storm clouds brewing: 12 November 2012 - an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G rainbow, one of the most spectacular I have ever seen; seriously, the photos don't do it justice! You could see end to end, but none of my cameras had a lense wide enough to capture it, and the sky really was an odd colour... 13 November 2012 - THAT STORM, we had two hours yesterday of lightning, thunder and hail... I haven't seen a storm like this in years! It was so bad it frightened the cat, and as you can see (bottom, middle photo) she went and hid behind the couch! Button was fascinated by it all, and spent a lot of time standing at the windows watching it.  13 November 2012 - Fun outside AFTER the storm... Button was itching to go

Bullet Point Sunday 8 = 11 November 2012

This week has been a week of a few highs and a few lows... nothing very serious, just low ! * Why does one's hubby decide to have a 'deep and meaningful' LATE at night when you're extraordinarily tired? Seems to happen EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! Not that we have a lot of these kinds of 'deep and meaningfuls'; this truly was a serious one... but on the odd occasion that they happen, it is always late at night when I seem to be exceptionally tired! Ahhh well, I guess I should be (and am) thankful that he still talks to me, and that he WANTS to talk to me! * But on a cuteness note - check out these photos: Discovered one night after Button had gone to bed...  awwww, her little tiny shoes placed on top of Mummy's big ones! And she knew exactly where she'd put them the next day when she went to find them! How my kids adore each other currently... Button can't get enough kisses and cuddles,  and   'lil M just laps it all up with

I Have Been Challenged...

One of my favourite bloggers,  Sammy over at Cherished , just got some devastating news... I shed a tear, responded with a comment and promised to 'pray for her and her family'; as you do, you know. I am genuine, I really mean these things, and generally I will whisper a little prayer as I respond - so I don't feel guilty should I never manage to remember again (until the next post) ! I learnt that 'trick' (no - it's not actually a trick; but for me it is an 'easy way out' should someone ask me specifically to pray; as then I can genuinely say I have, even if that was the only time I remembered) from some friend many years ago ! I then proceeded to look at some of her 'Link Within' posts, as a couple had caught my eye (see - it works, even on us bloggers *grin*) ! And I have come away challenged, in awe of her faith and holding even greater respect for her.  Sammy is a Christian, I have met her (albeit briefly) in real life - she attends

More Randomness from a Mum getting used to being TIRED!

* My big girl has a cold... she used to be such a happy little sickie; not so much now (imagine Drama Princess, hehehe) . Looks like I might need to head down to her again soon (hoping she'll resettle by herself) ; looks like yet another long night ahead :-(! * My kids are born with munted toe nails... seriously! Button's are settling down and behaving more normally these days, but 'lil M's are impressively BAD! Turned heavenwards, and curled - making it very difficult to cut them, as they're still so little as well. * My baby is a good eater, been on three meals a day for a while now... but he still won't take meat! I blended up some mince a while ago, and have tried it on numerous occasions with different flavours mixed in, extra water to help swallow it - but it's a no-go EVERY.SINGLE.TIME! He just doesn't like it (gags and spits up every bite)... might need to try some chicken; having roast chicken for dinner tomorrow, so will save some and
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