Bullet Point Sunday 7 = 4 November 2012

* It's going to be Guy Fawkes here in a couple of days, and the fireworks are going a little crazy already... I dunno; maybe I am just an old fuddy-duddy, but I can't think of anything that wastes money more than that! We are lucky that we have an amazing view here, over the city - so we can see the fireworks for miles, but I can't remember the last time we actually spent money on them! Maybe when the kids get older... maybe?

* It has been a really full-on week, and as usual - I feel utterly exhausted! I just can't seem to 'get over it' at the moment (blood results came back normal), but I just wonder if it is the typical 'end-of-year-itis' or 'end-of-winter-itis' that most people suffer from. I often just sit at my computer of an evening and literally just stare at the screen - changing tabs now and again to try and motivate myself! Doesn't work, you can tell by my lack of blog posts!

* This Sunday afternoon is going to be chill-out / down time for us all... (currently it is still late Saturday)! Thursday, Friday and today have been BUSY; and the kids are starting to show the signs of this. I had meant to arrange for us to see a friend tomorrow afternoon (we're still planning on attending church in the morning), but when I thought through everything we have fitted in, I made a collective decision that we all needed a quiet Sunday arvo. I am pretty sure you'd have heard the sigh of relief from wherever you are sitting reading this... of course the kids don't know any different - but I am sure if they were aware, they would have joined in! Poor 'lil M is grumpy at the moment (putting it down to teeth, but who knows - maybe a growth spurt?!?), and slept so much today that I had to wake him twice, how I hate doing that. Sunday afternoon he can sleep to his little hearts content...

* Tuesday and Friday the kids and I went out to the shops - groceries, library and a few other errands... I am thinking I am encouraging a certain wee girl to enjoy these trips; she asks regularly if 'We go to the shops today Mummy'!

* Wednesday we walked up the drive - one of the neighbours has some beautiful flowers...

* Thursday evening we went out to a park straight after work:

Friday evening we went and had dinner at the beach! 

* Saturday Button had gymnastics in the morning, we had a 1st birthday party in the afternoon, and we had some close friends come over and have dinner with us last night (they brought the dinner, nom nom)!

* In between all that I managed to do quite a bit of housework, quite a bit of extra cooking / stewing for 'lil M,

a couple of blog posts, a whole lot of instagramming, start sorting a few things on my To-Do list (start being the operative word), read and reread the new library books we got out for Button, spend time with hubby, do a whole heap of washing and generally keep the house running fairly functionally (hmmm, well I guess that depends on your point of view though really)! Gosh - I feel tired just thinking about it; so maybe there is a reason why I am so constantly exhausted!

* Have I mentioned that 'lil M has been grumpy... all week! He is such a happy little man normally, it is odd and feels like such hard work when he is like this.  

So other short and sweet things you need to know (maybe) :

Greggs Instant Coffee and soy milk DON'T mix... I repeat, they seriously DON'T mix!

My big girl has had a growth spurt - this dress fitted her and looked sweet the last time she wore it; now it just looks like I am trying to force her into something far too small!

My baby is cute - I mean he is seriously cute... I love this half crooked smile, and yet it is the photo below that got all the comments on facebook!

Yep - but he is still cute!

We have chickens, well not us persay - but the house has chickens.
I swear I heard one crowing the other morning...
AMY - big chicken on the right; sure looks more like a rooster to me :-(!

My big girl still likes pretending to be a baby - here she asked me to take a photo of her 
and 'lil M together, as they were both lying down in the PJ's playing with his toys... strange, 
but true! I'd have thought that she would have jumped at the chance to be 'the big girl', 
but not so much, should I be worried?!?

Hmmm - I don't think I have a lot more to say, this has stretched out quite long enough and it is quite late enough now also!

Goodnight everyone, sweet dreams!


Soy milk + boiled water = ugh! I used to heat the milk up a bit in the microwave (gently!) before adding it to my hot drink...but then I decided it tasted foul regardless, and for the past 10+ years I've taken my tea and coffee black.
Hope you are having that relaxing Sunday you obviously need! xx
Sometimes being big is not fun and being a baby looks better - didn't you know?? ;-).
Hope your Sunday afternoon is a quiet as you want it to be.
Love and Blessings
Amy said…
Hmm, that chook does look suspiciously rooster-ish. If it is the same age and breed as the others beside it, it is pretty big and butch looking, plus has a redder comb. Could be interesting in your neighbourhood. About the right age to start attempting to crow. Chicken soup, anyone??? Grin.
Amy said…
Just had a random thought - have you considered trying goatsmilk in your tea? Wondered whether Lil M would do okay with that seeing as his cousin does? Not that it will necessarily taste much better than soy as it doesn't taste like 'normal' milk, but it wouldn't curdle at least. You can get it at supermarkets in the long-life section - Nanny Goats Lane. If he doesn't react to it, you could use it for things like mashed spuds and in his food too if ever needed.
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