Bullet Point Sunday 9 = 18 November 2012

It has felt like a long week this week... for both of us, Wednesday should have been Thursday, and of course Thursday should have been Friday! However - today definitely was Sunday, and not Monday!!!!

But we have still had a few memorable moments to record...

So - here is hoping I can keep it short and sweet this week, with few words and plenty of pictures!

There has been:





* We have also had priceless moments; big sisters insisting on reading and playing with little brothers (so cute, she really was pointing out things in the books and 'telling' 'lil M what they were):

* Nana has been visiting and Button has completely dominated her time... they have fed chickens, done loads of stamping, and reading, and walking and playing and shopping and 'who knows what else', but it has been lovely to have someone else to listen and play with her! Here is Button waiting for Nana to go and feed the chickens with her:

* So while Nana has kept Button busy this afternoon, I have also been busy - that 'Earth Mother' has popped out again and this time I have been baking biscuits (not that they are very healthy... but)!

* But in and around these things... we have had swings:

On the same day as 'That Storm':

Then FUN after the storm also:

Mum - clean my hands please, they are dirty!

* Button has the strangest taste... this was her lunch the other day - a bowl of 'plain rice Mummy', some kiwifruit and a couple of small sausages (cheerios). Look what was left afterwards; barely any rice to be seen!

* And here is a quick collage of some other highlights:

- 'lil M has found his feet, and spends many hours chewing and playing with them (love the shut eyed grin in the top right photo, just excuse the quality)!
- We visited Nana Hilda this weekend (bottom left), she is our neighbour from our previous rental, and we have stayed in contact. She adores the kids, and the feeling is mutual!
- Nana bought 'lil M his first rugby ball today; hubby insists he is going to be the best All Black Captain in history - no pressure son!
- Ooops, that cute photo of the kids playing managed to sneak in again... should really do these much earlier in the evening and take more notice of what photos I chose *grin*!!!!

* We have also been working on our budget, trying to meal-plan more, taking walks up the drive, going to the library for books and DVD's, Christmas Window-Shopping (or in reality - taking notes and photos of things in preperation of Christmas)! I popped into K-Mart on Thursday evening to look for ideas for the kids, and took notes of things and prices, as well as photos of some stuff - I am sure I got looked at sideways by staff and other customers alike... but how else was I to show hubby what I was thinking would make good gifts?!? It's impossible to get him down to these kinds of shops ;-)!

So - what have you been up to this week? Surely it has to have been more exciting than our week!


As you have read, our week has been no more exciting than yours :-) i.e. very normal - just as yours has been.
Love and blessings
Amy said…
It sounds like you've had a nice and varied week, despite the long-ness of it. Amy
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