Creative Inspiration...

I bought my first ever e-book on Kindle recently...

And I finished it... the same day!

Quite a feat when you're a stay-at-home Mum with two little ones to look after (and the toddler refused to sleep, giving me less than one hour of child-free time all day)! So that goes to show you just how interesting and inspiring I found this book to be; I was also battling mastitis and had a trip to the Doctor that day as well, just in case you still weren't convinced that the book was good!

I took notes - copious notes, I NEVER take notes on books I read; but I found I couldn't help myself with this one! 

So, being the wonderfully giving person that I am (cough, cough), I thought I would share some of the notes; some of the most inspiring aspects of the book, with you all - you never know, it may be 'just what you need' also!

The book was written in the same format as below - the name of the author / publishing professional; followed by their advice.

Allan Arnold:
God cares far more about the story you're living than the story you're writing. Live well. Then write well.

Christa Banister:
Start writing now! There will always be a million distractions to keep you from working on your novel...

James Scott Bell:
Write hot, revise cool!

Terri Blackstock:
Don't get it right, get it written.

Matt Bronleewe:
It sounds so cliche, but it's the truth: Be true to yourself. Forget 'write what you know', write what you LOVE!

Sigmund Brouwer:
Never, ever, ever, ever quit!

Sue Brower:
Finish your novel!

Robin Lee Hatcher:
As for your novel, if you write one page per day, you'll have a 365 page manuscript at the end of the year. Being busy is no excuse. Write right now!

Erin Healy:
And keep a lot of chocolate on hand. It enhances the retention of study!

Tracie Peterson:
One of the most important things I ever learned was to ask and truthfully answer the question, 'If you knew you would never be published, never be paid, never have a single person read what you were writing, would you still write?'

Ask yourself the question I posed and see where it takes you. You might be surprised and relieved by the answer.

Barbara Scott:
Write. Write what you love to read.
Read. Read what you love to write.

There were a lot more quotes and things I loved about this book, this is just a sampler of what I read...

Can you tell what my dream is?!? 

My BIG dream (I have many other dreams as well, I will just quickly add here *grin*)!

Can you tell I am The Procrastinator Extraordinaire!

I am getting some shelves above my desk / computer (read: was meant to happen today), and once they are in place, I will be able to tidy my desk, and then surround it with the above quotes.

Busyness and children have been two of my main excuses for not writing... they probably will still be good excuses, but only that - excuses, not reasons! There are NO reasons for not writing, only procrastination and fear; never let me use my children as excuses for not climbing towards my dream; what an ugly inheritance to shove onto their shoulders.

I may never be a 'good enough' writer to get a novel published, but I won't know unless I try... God, give me the strength and courage to try!


You go girl!! Dream big,write big!
Blessings and hugs
Miriam said…
great post - get going! :o)
Amy said…
Love the quotes, very inspiring. Enjoy your writing!
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