Fabulous Friday

It has been a fun day here today... tiring; but fun!

I am very proud of myself, I managed to do some baking with Button today! If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you'd know I'm not good in the kitchen (nor do I enjoy it); but I have just discovered how quick and easy it is to bake biscuits! I wish someone had told me years ago (or maybe that should read - I wish I had listened years ago *grin*)! 

Last weekend I did two batches of biscuits, and they turned out rather scrummy, both Button and I enjoyed them a little too much! So today, due to not having any biscuits left - I decided to do another batch of the Chocolate Chip ones (Button's favourites), and now I knew how the recipe worked; I figured she could help me... we had SO much fun!

I waited until 'lil M had gone down for a sleep, so it became a special 'Mummy / Daughter' thing... I made the dough before lunch (with a little helper), and it has to cool for 30 minutes; so we had lunch and I put bubs down. Then Button and I cut them out and got them ready for baking; once they were at this stage - I put Button to bed dreaming of freshly baked cookies for afternoon tea!

It also meant I got to sneak the last bit of cookie dough... no sharing!!!!!!

I also had the youngest All Black Supporter pop in for a visit today (isn't he a little cutie):

And a beautiful Princess:

My boy LOVES his food... he does not appreciate being teased, or having photos taken of him while he is made to wait, or any other distraction - thank you very much Mum!

We're all a bit tired around here at the moment, and things have been quiet for a few weeks! Hanging out for summer and Christmas holidays; hubby gets a whole month off and we're spending most of it quietly at home... a much needed break after a very busy year! I am hoping that I can get a jump-start on blogging over this time - maybe ;-)!


You'll be cooking up a storm before you know it! Sounds like a nice day :)
Now that is something!! Well done in working it around meals and sleeps etc. Might have to steal that recipe :-).
love those photos too.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Mmmmm, they sure look good! I bet they taste delicious too. Munchkin helped me bake this week too - he is totally in it for the bowl licking, but I did get some stiring help and general bossing around out of him first! Hehe. But we didn't make choc chip cookies...and now I wish we had!
Any idea when you are down this way over the holidays yet (so we can work out if we can meet up)?
Neetz said…
Oh, gorgeous pics of some gorgeous subjects!! And the baking looks deeeelicious! :) x
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