Fabulous Friday

It has been a fun day here today... tiring; but fun!

I am very proud of myself, I managed to do some baking with Button today! If you have been following my blog for any length of time, you'd know I'm not good in the kitchen (nor do I enjoy it); but I have just discovered how quick and easy it is to bake biscuits! I wish someone had told me years ago (or maybe that should read - I wish I had listened years ago *grin*)! 

Last weekend I did two batches of biscuits, and they turned out rather scrummy, both Button and I enjoyed them a little too much! So today, due to not having any biscuits left - I decided to do another batch of the Chocolate Chip ones (Button's favourites), and now I knew how the recipe worked; I figured she could help me... we had SO much fun!

I waited until 'lil M had gone down for a sleep, so it became a special 'Mummy / Daughter' thing... I made the dough before lunch (with a little helper), and it has to cool for 30 minutes; so we had lunch and I put bubs down. Then Button and I cut them out and got them ready for baking; once they were at this stage - I put Button to bed dreaming of freshly baked cookies for afternoon tea!

It also meant I got to sneak the last bit of cookie dough... no sharing!!!!!!

I also had the youngest All Black Supporter pop in for a visit today (isn't he a little cutie):

And a beautiful Princess:

My boy LOVES his food... he does not appreciate being teased, or having photos taken of him while he is made to wait, or any other distraction - thank you very much Mum!

We're all a bit tired around here at the moment, and things have been quiet for a few weeks! Hanging out for summer and Christmas holidays; hubby gets a whole month off and we're spending most of it quietly at home... a much needed break after a very busy year! I am hoping that I can get a jump-start on blogging over this time - maybe ;-)!


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