Bullet Point Sunday 10 = 2nd December 2012

Two weeks worth of photos and memories into one post... I hate weeks like this, I really need to organise myself better during the week, to make these posts quicker and easier to complete on Sunday nights!

It is going to be a photo expose, in no particular order:

There has been cups of water and smiles...

Gymnastics - photos courtesy of my Mum!
(Excuse the quality, the viewing platform is a long way away from the action)

My first attempt at gluten-free baking; and despite the face, it was a success!

More 'real' baking, with a little helper!

Left to Right:
1) Cups of much needed coffee
2) Games of rugby watched live early in the morning on the computer
3) Trips to the supermarket with both kids...
4) Sisters watching over brothers in a rather backward way
5) Little helpers in the kitchen, this time cooking breakfast with Daddy
6) Changes in the play area... less toddler toys and more baby toys!

Left to Right:
1) Many hours spent on trikes
2) Visits from Aunty and cousin
3) Beautiful little girls all dressed for church
4) Reading the newspaper
5) Big hungry eyes
6) Harvesting (and eating) our first strawberries of the season

The garden was dug out and replanted with loads of help!

A family walk in the Botantical Gardens

Visits from doting Grandparents!

And these photos don't include:

- Trips to the Doctor for mastitis
- Melt-downs due to infections and exhaustion
- Play-dates
- Rearranging of the kitchen and pantry
- Tidying the linen cupboard
- Menu-planning and cooking
- A moving baby; he is rolling EVERYWHERE
- Church
- Teething baby
- Constipation (to the point I almost rang the Doctor, poor wee lad... just awful)!
- Date night with hubby while grandparents babysat
- The toddler learning how to open her door - fun times
- End of year work Christmas function
- Putting up the christmas tree at the university
- Trips to the shops
- Walks up the drive (many of these)
- Feeding the chickens

And the general chaos that is parenting two small children... and I wonder why I am tired ;-)!



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