Bullet Point Sunday 11 - 9th December 2012

This week there has been (in no particular order):

Yummy cuddles:

Moments like this make you wish they'd never grow up...

Summer linen and new brighter duvet covers!

The other one was just too dark in an already dark room...

Spanish Meatballs... 
where I managed to actually make most of the meatballs stay together, miracle!

Amazing sunsets after one of Auckland's darkest days...

Batch Two of gluten-free cookies 
So much better in ways unimaginable!

Little girls trying out possible Christmas presents 
(this one did not pass the test by the way, although she could ride it)!

A term of gymnastics done and dusted...
And what a champ - she didn't miss a week, and she went up in front of everyone BY HERSELF and collected her certificate!

The excitement over the arrival of our very own Christmas tree - her face says it all here :-)! 

And she just had to kiss it also!
(haha - can you see the baby lying on the floor in this photo!?!
I hadn't noticed that before... he looks like he has crashed; but be assured, he hadn't)!

Next came the process of putting it up and decorating it
Which still hasn't finished... maybe tonight?!?

There were new drinking glasses purchased... 
18 to be precise, 6 of each size! 
Amy I know you will understand my intense delight regarding this purchase! $15 for 18 glasses from K-Mart, and they are actually really lovely; not as cheap and nasty looking as I had feared!

There was a couch removed (and stored in 'lil M's room while it's fate is decided upon) and the play area increased! Makes the room look heaps bigger and much more open... LOVING it!

There have been haircuts

And planting of tomato plants

Precious moments captured:

Funny moments caught on camera:


Obsessions with pockets:

And birthday breakfasts cooked and devoured:

It is hubby's birthday TODAY (as in Monday 10th), he loves him a cooked breakfast - so asked that I organise this for him; we agreed to do it yesterday in light of rushed week day mornings anyway! So here it is - one gluten-free but not tasteless, cooked breakfast!

And I think that about sums this past week up!


Great week - despite the rocky start with the washing line!
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Looks like Button has had a good exciting week between trikes, gym graduation, gardening, and Christmas decorations!
Love your new haircut!
And the new glasses look terrific, so glad you found some that you like...and what a bonus to be able to get so many too!
Cat said…
*wondering* if you'd be interested in hosting a bullet point Sunday or a Sunday snippets or a Instagrammin Sunday or something similar linky next year?
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