Bullet Point Sunday 12 = 23rd December 2012

I could start this post by saying this is a scheduled post, and I scheduled it for a day later in order to say:

(as close to Christmas Day as I could make it) :-)!

But that would be lying... I just plain forgot that yesterday was Sunday; doh! I am seriously in Christmas mode, and right now should be icing the hundreds of cookies I made last night and this morning. Currently in my little mind - tomorrow is Sunday, because tomorrow is Christmas... somethings not computing!

Yep, seriously - hundreds! Yay for small cookie cutters, not!

But I am exhausted, and decided I NEEDED some time out from all this Christmas-guff! PLUS, it's been two weeks... I have never missed it more than once since I started; so two weeks is not a good look!

So here is a brief and very photo-heavy look into the past two weeks (and I hope the kids stay asleep long enough for me to finish and post this)!

There were shelves put up in our bedroom - my computer corner is FINALLY tidy, hoorah!

And a family Christmas present was ordered, and arrived within 24 hours... a Samsung Tablet - great excitement from us all, and I got to have it all to myself that very first night as hubby went to the movies!  Although I really did nothing except sit in front of the TV and catch up on all the blogs I hadn't had a chance to read for a while; ba-boom! One for me (note the sarcasm)!

I made my first EVER birthday cake... yep, EVER - you read that right! (Friends made Button's 1st birthday cake, and hubby made her 2nd birthday cake). BUT not only was this my first EVER birthday cake - but it was a gluten-free carrot cake; how's that for starting complicated! And it was easy, and fun and tasted divine - as these photos show (please note: we ate the cake just before dinner, therefore the toddler hardly ate any dinner that night - learn from my mistakes people!)! And as the photos prove - even baby wanted in on the action... he is a funny boy! Happy belated birthday Mr.C!

I caught a bookworm in training; a girl after her Mothers own heart:

The tablet has already been put to good use - Button recieved a video from the Man-In-Red himself; and as you can see from her expression, it was a BIG hit (you can check it out here if you have an interest in such things)...

So cute - she insists on calling him 'Father Christmas', not Santa; I have no idea why though!

The small one is now sitting - although I still don't trust him without supervision; he tends to do that side-topple with more frequency than I like... but it's a start (I am sure some or all of it is on purpose though, as he just wants to MOVE)!

On that Saturday hubby worked all day, so the night before I had made a whole batch of cookies (a tester for Christmas) for me and Button to decorate; as a special activity for us while Daddy was away.

Hard work - but so worth that look of pride on her face when she completed the first tray!

Then that evening we joined some friends for an early Christmas dinner, as we were all starting to get busier the closer we got to Christmas... the cutest ever Christmas Elf came to visit them:

Then the kids got to open their gifts... Button is at the age when she understands enough to be excited and rip off the paper! But she is not her Mothers Daughter - she will put presents under the tree when asked, not touch them and not give them a second look! Me - I'd not only go through feeling and working out my gifts, but then I'd start on any other presents under the tree, and procede to tell the recipient(s) what I thought each gift contained! Didn't take long for Mum to learn not to put the gifts out until Christmas Eve... The funniest thing was though, 'lil M was even MORE excited than his sister; there was a lot of heavy breathing and excited waving and grabbing of the paper to stuff in his mouth! He is going to LOVE Christmas Day!

The kids are starting to play together better and better - I captured this beautiful moment last weekend:

We bought a trike of Trade-Me for Button for Christmas, and popped out to pick it up on Sunday afternoon... unfortunately it was TOO BIG for Button:

But we enjoyed the family day out, and then enjoyed coming home more - here is Button 'laxing like Daddy:

I had SO much icing left over from Saturday, that I made another batch of cookies and iced them myself while the kids slept:

I only shared this because I am LOVING these BRIGHT colours!

On Thursday the kids and I popped into see hubby at work, and we took some biscuits in - part of his (rather belated) birthday shout! I was up the night before baking until almost 11pm, as the first batch FAILED... first time ever, epic fail it was too! They still tatse nice however, so I have kept them for myself and made a second batch - here are the first:

 So thin - you could spit through them!

On Thursday evening we popped over to Eastgate Christian Centre to wonder round their Christmas Walk-Through Production with the children - first time we've done something like this due to their ages. Button was mesmorised, and we're so glad we did it:

We had fed, bathed and dressed them in PJ's before we headed down...

On Thursday night I got to wrapping some of the presents up... it's beginning to look a lot more Christmas-y around here! The sad thing is I don't think either of the kids even noticed, but I shouldn't be complaining about that!

On Friday night we had the children's 'Nana Hilda' come for dinner, she is a family friend of ours and adores the kids; as they do her!

And she brought gifts:
Much to the small ones delight again!

That night 'lil M, with only three teeth, got to try a real strawberry for the first time - it was a case of not being able to get it into his mouth quick enough, and there were even REAL tears when I made hubby take it out so I could get this photo:

It was SO hot on Saturday that we had a couple of rudey-nudey's around our place:

Earlier that day we went for another family trip - to get another bike for the toddler... sounding like deja vu? It sure felt like it! Hubby was so disappointed that the bike, even on the smallest seat settings, was to big for her - that he had spent the week combing the internet for another bike that she could ride properly NOW. Thankfully this one hit the spot:

The other one will be resold in the new year...

Last night ended with the most glorious sunset EVER:

Then this morning was spent baking cookies as already discussed, and while I did this - I kept the toddler busy with a plate of flour, a small piece of cookie dough and a few pieces of strawberry (the latter being for morning tea...); it worked a treat and kept her entertained for a good 30-45 minutes!

And thus bringing you up-to-date with our lives!!!!

Stay tuned - interesting things could be a-coming next year, and I am excited!

So from all of us here, blogland and real life (both kids are awake now of course), have a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2013... may it be filled with family, friends, love and life!

I will post a Christmas Day update, but I doubt it'll be tomorrow!


Bookworm genes must be from me too :) :) :)........

Love these posts my dear - and enjoyed reading it.
Christmas Day is going to be one big paper-fest for the little one!!
Blessings and love
Miriam said…
and to you - I hope your Christmas is wonderful. You certainly seem to have been bitten by the baking bug :o)
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