Bullet Point Sunday 13 = 29th December 2012

LAST ONE FOR 2012...

And - yes, I know it's Monday (again); but there is a genuine reason! I was tired... surprised!?! Had another family Christmas yesterday, my side this time - we hosted, we were exhausted by the end (it was fun though)! So after having been burning the candle at both ends since pre-Christmas; last night we both crashed, early(ish)!

So - the week that was:

Christmas Eve was spent baking and sorting all the final things that needed to be done pre-Christmas; and that evening was spent watching TV, finishing wrapping the Santa Sacks:

Then hubby and I iced... and iced... and iced; combined with a glass or two of wine! I did the green (it was meant to be dark green, you know - more Christmasy) and he did the 'red' (ummm, pink)! Yeah - think I need to work on my coloured icing skills a little more!

Not really what we had planned... but nevertheless, it had to be done!

Christmas Day - you can see/read all about that here... so I won't repeat myself!

Boxing Day was a quiet affair here; the only highlight was hubby and Button putting together one of 'lil M's Christmas presents:

It was MUCH needed by all 
(the quiet day that is, not the present-putting-together)!

The 27th saw us starting to clean and pack for a family holiday - we have been blessed to be able to housesit for some friends in a different city while they are away. 

But after being house-bound for two days due to the weather, we were all feeling a little grumpy; so that evening after dinner we had a family walk around the local Botanical Gardens. My photography is really starting to come along, and I took some photos I am really proud of - I am sharing them here through photoscape; so unfortunately they are not of the quality the original is, which means you may wonder why I am proud of them... but just believe me!

My babies

My favourite photos

The following day was spent packing and doing other important pre-trip things...  the baby finally decided to sleep, he has been very unsettled due to teething; but after three hours this is what I found:

I had to wake him up :-(!

Button had refused to sleep that day, so within half an hour this is what we saw in the backseat:

Such a shame she didn't stay asleep.

Saturday was quiet as we settled into the new place, we hadn't arrived until after 6pm on Friday evening, and had two very hungry and tired children. Neither of them settled that night until almost 9pm, so the quiet day was a necessity... all we did was grocery shopping!

Sunday was my family Christmas and we hosted... it was fun, and it was exhausting! Here is a montage of some of my favourite photos:

And that is me for this week!

Looking towards 2013 now... Happy New Year everyone, may it be filled with love, laughter and family; dreams coming true, resolutions fulfilled and friends like never before!


What a busy week - and yes, yesterday was wonderful!!
Enjoy your break, and don't try to do too much :-).
Love and blessings and all the best for the new year.
Amy said…
Sorry we added to the exhaustion, but glad that we were all able to share a day together. We really should do it more often. :o)
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