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I have been rather absent lately - been busy beavering away here instead... even the evenings have been busy:

Monday - too tired to care (had my parents with us for four nights, they left after lunch that day... but Mum and I were busy the entire weekend cleaning and clearing and rearranging things; as well as baking)!
Tuesday - meeting
Wednesday - date night (which means we're both not allowed near our computers... otherwise it would be like any other night)!
Thursday - family trip to shops in evening (Button had given me an unheard of 3 hour sleep, I'd had to wake her at 4:45pm, so we knew she wouldn't be easy to settle)! Got home at 7:30pm, but by the time our hyped up two year old settled it was after 8:30pm, and by 9:30pm we were in bed utterly shattered!
Tonight - heading down to the shops for some much-needed Christmas shopping ALONE!

Right now I am supposed to be peeling and cooking potatoes and kumaras for 'lil M... have just done some peaches and apricots! Will then have to get on with cooking dinner early (it's only nacho's, so an easy-as dinner), so it is an easy evening for us due to me going out!

So I am going to head off, and keep beavering away for now... hoping I can get back to this before the kidlets insist on getting up! I have this funny feeling Button won't be giving us any sleep today - despite the late night, so have to try and make the most of it!


Yep - it is now Sunday evening (again)... and Button hasn't slept for three days; she often doesn't in the weekends, as we're so busy at the moment. It even took her AGES to go to sleep this evening - possibly because it was still so light and so hot at 7pm when we put her down. Here's hoping she'll sleep for me tomorrow though!

I was quite proud of myself on Friday evening - got all the nieces and nephews presents, the two $10 surprise presents that we're doing for hubby's family Christmas, and most of the stocking fillers for the kids; just got a couple more small things for Button to purchase and that is complete! We already had 'lil M's Christmas gift, so all that is left is Button's main gift and my parents... wahoo! The worst of the pressure is now off (I LOVE Christmas and I LOVE Christmas shopping - it's just stressful trying to find the time to do it around the children!)!

We have been SO busy this weekend, hubby has 'banned' me from the shops tomorrow... well, he has 'banned' me from going out altogether - says me and the kids need a quiet, relaxed home day; and he's right! So tomorrow is going to be a nice quiet home day; not sure about the relax aspect - I have a whole load of housework to do, as well as menu-planning and other such things!

I just keep telling myself 'Two more... just two more weeks', and then hubby has a whole month off, and we can relax and refresh as much as is possible with two little people! But talking like this reminds me of something God has been showing me lately:

I was writing in my paper journal the other day (I used to write in a paper journal religiously, but haven't for MONTHS - not since the day after 'lil M was born in fact)... and I was grizzling about life in general, and found myself writing about how I keep waiting for my life to 'start'; you know - the whole 'when this happens...' or 'when that occurs', then life will be better, and I can relax and enjoy it (blah, blah,blah). But until these things take place, it feels like life is on hold a bit; and I am starting to get a bit antsy and discontent. But it dawned on me - life is NOW, no point waiting on something else; it's never going to be perfect and there will always be something to leave me discontent and frustrated about... 

I was talking to hubby about it this morning (we won't mention that this 'talk' turned into a lecture and then arguement about not trying to fix me - grrrrr), and late today he came back to me and said 'I have a special message for you':


So he encouraged me to write this down, and keep it in mind - especially on days when I am feeling frustrated and discontent... it is now written out on my whiteboard, and will be transferred onto some paper, printed out, and in time I will hopefully remember to laminate it, and get that up in a couple of prominent places around the house! 

I am supposed to be doing 'Bullet Point Sunday' right now, but that will have to wait I suspect, as it is already after 9pm... maybe I will start it; and maybe - if the children both give me a decent sleep tomorrow afternoon, I will get it finished and posted! But don't count on it!

So anyway - this will do for now ;-)!


Yup - life is about the journey, not the destination :-). Although some days it feels as though we are stuck in the mud :-) - then you make mud cakes!!
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Sounds like you've had a busy (and enjoyable) week!
I know oh too well that feeling of waiting for things to get to where we want, but I'm trying to remember to enjoy the journey too!
Hope your week has started out well.
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