Celebrating My Man...

It's hubby's birthday today... and I want to dedicate a post to him and how amazing he is; not only to me, but also as a Daddy to our children!

I have been very blessed indeed; sometimes I forget this, as with any man - he can drive me insane, but overall we have a strong and fun marriage; and I am a very fortunate woman!

Take for example this morning (keeping in mind it is HIS birthday)... he got both the kids up, dealt wonderfully with the two year olds start-of-the-day tantrums (she is super tired at the moment, and woke early - thankfully she is now sleeping!), then went downstairs and made me a coffee, as I had to feed the baby! Pretty sweet if you ask me. He then made sure everyone was happy and sorted before he left for the day (with no breakfast as he had run late sorting the kids and coffee out for me)! He then rung me about two hours later to make sure Button was behaving herself, and had thrown no further tantrums (which I am delighted to say, was the case - in fact she ended up having a very good morning in the light of how it started)! He also told me what a fantastic job I am doing with them, and I am worth my weight in gold - when I asked where this came from (he is not a guy to spout compliments left, right and centre), he said he'd just been reflecting on the past year and all that has happened, and he realised he didn't tell me often enough how much he appreciated me!

Can I hear an 'Awwwww' from you all! Yep - that sure made my day... and here's hoping his birthday cards and other such things (like this post), will make his day that bit more special! 

Tonight I will be attempting to bake him a gluten-free carrot cake (found here), at his request... in fact he has asked for this almost every year since I have met him; but I am not a confident baker, and until now have not found a gluten-free recipe that made much sense! Wish me luck! 

We are all going in together and getting him a BBQ for his birthday... which of course he knows about, as he'll be choosing it naturally! He is quite excited about that, and just as excited when friends popped over with this yesterday:

Yep - I have me a rugby-mad hubby (in case that hasn't been obvious throughout this blog *grin*)! All he wants from us is a home-made card, which Button is currently in the middle of drawing for him; and a cooked breakfast (DONE) and his carrot cake! Easily pleased...

So - I just want to say, you are everything to me! You have shown me what loyalty, compassion and fun is all about... my life would be flat and gray without you and the kids, and I don't even want to imagine what that would be like. I will be forever grateful you convinced me to take you on as a flatmate all those years ago; life has been a roller coaster at times for us both, but I wouldn't have wanted to go through it with anyone else. You put up with my dramatics, and keep my feet on the ground - you handle the kids with gentleness, love and a depth I had never seen; they will grow up without a  doubt of your deep love for them. Watching you with the kids makes me fall in-love with you even more than before, and we are all better off for having you in our lives!

Thanks for choosing me, happy birthday honey - I love you!


You are both very lucky :) I had a little tear in my eye reading your lovely words about him - he sounds amazing!
Hope he had a great birthday and that the cake worked out well!
AWWW shucks - you write a great post!
Trust you all had a great day - and that you are out choosing the BBQ now, which is why I had to leave a message.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
A gorgeous post. I hope the cake turns out well.
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