Christmas Day Montages...

Here are some photo montages of Christmas Day our style!

It started with a few tears...
Mummy - seriously, how LONG do we have to wait!?!
Nope - tears weren't for that really, both are still too young to worry about that yet, whew; but it made for a cool caption *grin*!!!!

Then it turned into Santa Sack Mayhem:

Followed by breakfast and a sleep for the little one...
then the BIG presents (remembering Button had her bike already):

Then I managed to get some photos of the kids in their Christmas outfits... none were perfect, but they're pretty cute nonetheless!

We then went and joined hubby's family for lunch, and the kids got to spend the afternoon with cousins:

When it was present opening time, 'lil M was asleep; so he missed out on all the chaos (which was probably good, as I don't think he would have handled the noise well). So here are some photos of my gorgeous girl as she opened her gifts:

Finally - some random shots of the day:

1) Christmas breakfast; gluten-free pancakes and loads of suagr (YUMMY)!
2) Button in her Ladybug dress-ups that Santa gave her!
3) Hubby enjoying the breakfast!
4) One tired wee girl... fell asleep with her current favourite baby!
5) Daddy and Button found a moment to 'lax together in the midst of the chaos!

A quick peek into our Christmas Day! 

Hope yours was full of as much fun and family as ours was!

Here's looking at 2013...


Cat said…
Looks like a great day was had by all
This year was our first year not revolving our day around afternoon sleeps, only to have Tsunami crawl up onto my lap at 3pm and fall asleep in my arms - awwww bless
Looks as though a great Christmas was had by all - love the photos thanks.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Just love Button in her Ladybug outfit (looks like she's going to have loads of fun in that) and her and Daddy 'laxing out! Glad you had a lovely family day.
love Amy
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