It's The Little Things...

I have been mulling over the whole New Year thing (I can't help myself... I am a journaller, and all journallers will tell you that fresh starts and new beginnings are important and essential, and all about being introspective - albeit briefly)!

I am not into resolutions - haven't been for a while, as all I end up doing is disappointing myself; again, and again and again! I know better than that... I do (honest)Although - I still can't help but go on a journey and look back over the past 12 months, in order to look forward and encourage myself that I can do better.

So these past few years I have tried to do, what I have decided to call, a focus... I focus on something / some area, generally something that I see as a weakness in me; in order to improve, change, manipulate - whatever is required to make it suit me, my family and our lifestyle more. I say manipulate, because not everything I focus on is negative or literally needs to be changed; rather it needs to different approach to what I had been doing. I have not always written about these things, and I have not always succeeded - which is quite often the reason I have never bothered to write them up. I know I am not good with follow-through, I know I am likely to set such high standards that I will end up disappointing myself - so if it's not written down, there is no come-back!

But this year... this year is going to be different, and I need your help. I need accountability - so I would love for you to pop in every now and then and remind me.

I am still trying to decide how I am going to do this - I love what Angela did on her Journey to 35, she took a focus a month - followed through, and then did a post at the end of each month and told us what she'd planned to do, what she did do and how she felt she did with it! I think I may need to do something like this in order to keep myself focused on one area until it is completed, and not keep getting distracted halfway through projects... but I am still mulling and thinking!

I have got THE FOCUS though:


So the whole idea is to complete some of the 'little things' I have been thinking about, or working on or putting off for years! I have yet to sit down and decide upon 12 'little things'; I will mull some more and come back to you with plans... yep, set-in-concrete plans on how this is going to work AND what I am going to actually be doing!

All I know so far is that my January goal is to finally go and get my full license... 

As soon as we get home, I will be ringing up and booking it in  before hubby goes back to work. I promised him, and I promised myself - so that is January, and I WILL report back on the date once I have booked, and then on the outcome once I have sat the test! 

Wish me luck!

PS - If you've been following me for any length of time, you'll know I have no end of unfinished projects, as I shared with you in July! So there is plenty of fodder for this focus!


YAY - we will help hold you to your January goal - by nagging if need be :-).
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Ohh, I am looking forward to hearing more about your 12 'little things' focuses. It sounds really interesting. Will be praying for you as you go for your license! You should have a celebration afterwards! Mr C cook pizza perhaps???
I used to hate New Years because I always felt unprepared for the year ahead and I've never done a single New Year's I just plan throughout the year instead (you know what a planner I am!).
Widge said…
Oh yeah the full license thing, must get onto that too! Eek

Angela said…
I like resolutions, myself, just not confining them to the new year -- I think that is so arbitrary. Goals, for me, are best set and worked towards when needed, personally, not because we reached a certain number on a calendar.

Yay for being introspective, whatever the motivation!
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