FINALLY - I am once again eating dairy, Button appears to have outgrown her allergies (all of them, whew) and now all we appear to be dealing with (once again) is hubby's gluten-intolerance! 'lil M handles me eating everything now... yay!

And what a difference to our diet - in a good many ways, and a bad many ways:

After all the years of grizzling that I can't bake... I now can't do it enough! 
Those chocolate chip cookies are divine, there are also 'Crunchy Cookies' (back left, which have cocoa powder and cornflakes in them) and 'Coffee Cookies' (back right, with 2 tsp of REAL coffee and chocolate chips)!

Bring on the weight gain (NOT)!!!!!!!
Seriously have NO self-control these days!!!!!!!

Yesterday I ordered some gluten-free flour and baking powder from here, and will be experimenting with this and some of the above biscuits over the coming week - this way hubby can enjoy my new found love of baking also (hopefully)! 

And the family are benefiting in loads of other ways as well - in the past week or so they have been spoiled with Tuna Pasta Bake, Lasagna, Corned Silverside, Roast Chicken, Laura's Spicy Sausage and Chicken Stew, Spaghetti Bolognaise and so the list goes on. Even I am impressed with my own cooking and the array of different meals coming at them!

I have found that menu planning is a key component... I am not yet organised enough to plan a whole week / fortnight in advance, but I am generally thinking 1-2 nights ahead. This way I am taking meat out of the freezer in advance, I am looking up recipes that work with our ingredients, and trying things I either haven't tried much, or have never tried! Loving Food In A Minute at the moment...

Some things work, some things are a dismal failure... some surprise me at their simplicity, and then at their popularity! My daughter devoured the 20 minute Tuna Pasta Bake and asked for seconds; definitely something we will be having again (and again)!

It is good... I am enjoying it more these days, and I know my family are appreciating it as well! 


Definite improvement there - keep up the great work :-) I look forward to hearing how the gluten free flours work.
Blessings and love
Amy said…
Yay, so pleased you can extend your diet again!
Got the recipe for those choc chip cookies? Look like fun, and we have a whole set of dough cutters and a small boy just itching to bake here!
Hope the gluten free flour works well - let me know if not, as a friend has just created a flour mix that works well for her gf baking.
We had a new recipe tonight - Honey Pork Stirfry...deemed a success ( is always a bit of a gamble trying a new recipe, isn't it?!).
Amy said…
And menu planning does totally rock, so glad you are enjoying it. You'll have to show us some photos of your whiteboard! Some weeks I do a full week's menu, then others I turf it after a couple of days as things change so I start over. Grin. I guess the main thing is not having to stand in the kitchen at 5pm wondering what on earth to cook for dinner, aye!
Cat said…
Sounds like a win win all round
Sammy said…
Sounds fantastic! can't wait for the day we get to have dairy in baking again xx
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