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Popped down to the park with the kids the other day...
Check out what Button can do - please remember she is still only 2, won't be turning 3 until May! 

She has a thirst to learn; we don't force anything, but we try and follow up on area's of current interest - hubby can take most of the credit for this though!
One proud Mama :-)!

Dreams v Jealousy

We have been talking about buying/building our own house again... don't get me wrong, we have no money - it's not going to happen any time soon! BUT the dream is always there; sometimes slightly out left-field, other times right in the centre of everything.

Currently - it is sitting smack in the centre! Everywhere we turn it seems like others are moving forward, or moving on, or planning the next move... and we're STILL stuck going round the same mountain, again and again!

My theme for the year 'It's the Little Things' may be one of the reasons we're not moving forward as fast as we would like - I discussed that here; money seems to be spent faster than it is earned in our house!

And because jealousy has/is an issue for me, I have deliberately chosen not to look to far into the future and think about what we don't have, what we would like, what we want/need... However, I am wondering - where is that fine line between jealousy and dreams? Is it okay to drea…

It's The Little Things - Part 3!

Urghhh - so many posts, but so little time! The older the kids get, the more exhausted I seem to be - and the less time I am getting! Never mind, 'this too shall pass'!
My 'It's The Little Things' theme for this year, came from this: 'If I can't trust you with the small things, how can I trust you with the big?', a word from God that has been hanging around in mid-air and bugging me for quite a while... I finally came to the conclusion at the end of last year that this is actually serious, and we won't be moving forward until all 'the little things' are in order. 
The 'little things' I have written about previously here and here are not the actual real challenges... ummm, like not having a baby album for 'lil M is going to create such havoc over our lives as this *grin*! Nope; those little things are just that - little things, MY little things... one way for me to start getting motivated, and COMPLETING projects!
Nope - the little t…

Sunday Snippets 4

Welcome again to Sunday Snippets!

What an awesome bunch of link'ers last week! Thank you so much for making the effort to pop in and link up with me, and for all your kind words - they may (or may not) have brought tears to my eyes!

Hope to see you all, and some newbies, along this week as well!

This week it was the 'First Week of Reality' for us, as hubby headed back to work... but I have to admit we were all ready for routine again, even him! A month is almost too long, and if he didn't have to take the whole time off, he wouldn't.

Sunday afternoon we did get to catch up with some friends, their son is exactly a week older than 'lil M - but what a difference, J is MUCH bigger and is basically walking (had taken his first 5 steps that weekend), while 'lil M is still commando crawling! I have to admit - I am happy for him to stay that way a while longer yet!

Here are the Dad's and their boys!
Monday was a quiet housework day... 'lil M had been 'teethi…

Sunday Snippets 3

Welcome to Sunday Snippets once more, last week we lept from three link'ers, up to four link'ers! Wahoo, totally thrilled about that... if we keep jumping by 33% each week, it won't take long before I have HEAPS of you linking in :-)!

Hope you're ready for this week, I need all the support I can muster up - we have had a quiet week, thus I have very little to 'show and tell'!

On Sunday afternoon (last week), we had a lovely family time - I did a whole blog post on this, which you can see here, but I will insert a couple of photo collages here as well:

On Monday hubby was out most of the morning doing errands, and I got a serious taste of what tomorrow is going to be... including a whole hour of tiredness-induced tantrums from Button. Oh yes, fun, fun, fun!
And that pretty much sums up most of the week - hubby went out four of the five days this past week, generally doing errands; sometimes he'd take Button! But the saving grace was - I had friends over three of…

It's The Little Things - Part Two!

We have been burning the candle at both ends a bit these holidays, and I am finding I am so tired that I am not interesting in blogging in the evenings... and yet nothing much is getting done here really; minimal housework and cooking, minimal down-time. I don't want the rest of this year to continue on in this way - so, hence forward, the little projects!
I have told hubby that this is MY year, no new born babies (thus no longer having to get up regularly at night for the kids... thus more sleep for me, meaning more energy for down time in the evenings, doing what I want to do), and no pregnancy - at least not until the end of the year! This is the theory anyway... and it will be the only way these little things will get completed! I know, in the big scheme of things, these years are short - but it is beginning to feel like I have been in the 'Little People' years for a LONG time, and there are still a few more to go! I will look back one day with rose-tinted glasses I am …

For The Love of Summer...

Yesterday we had a really lovely quiet family afternoon at home... it was one of those perfect days; warm but not too sunny! And I think the photos will show that we all had a blast; these need to happen a bit more often I am thinking - it is quite reviving for us all, and leaves me feeling like I have actually spent quality time with the kids, not just rushed them around here and there.

Hubby taught Button how to blow her own bubbles, much to her delight... she loves bubbles, and keeps asking us to go outside with her and blow some. There is always some reason not to, and other things to do - but yesterday we made a conscience effort to stop and play.

Planking... Don't think either of the kids have quite got the concept!

When you're in the process of toilet training, and little puddles apear outside (top left), and it's the middle of summer... what else do you do?  Strip off, and play in the nude of course!

He had a BALL, growing up so quickly though... moving, and into everyt…

Sunday Snippets 2

Hello again,

It is lovely to have you along for the ride again this week... last week I had three other folk link in with me - I think that is pretty awesome for a first time! Maybe this week we'll get a couple more? 

Hey - why don't you join in? It would be great to have you along this week... but either way, please leave a comment and let me know you've popped in!

7th to 13th January 2013:

This week started off with a happy little clown... we always put lip gloss on Button as she is one hot little puppy, and often used to wake up with dry lips. Hubby decided last time, that red strawberry gloss was cute - so quite often this is what we get! Although this is quite an extreme look, she doesn't often get all the way round the outside of her mouth (hence the photo)!
On the 8th we introduced 'lil M to marmite (and discovered that our marmite jar was getting rather low, although we are pretty stoked we still have some left)! Button was a HUGE fan, but thankfully has since m…

9 months today...

How the heck did that happen?!?
One minute you were a tiny helpless babe in my arms, next minute you're a wee little boy who can crawl, and has personality plus!
You, my boy, are our joy and our delight... your gorgeous smile just lights up the room, and your chuckle is contagious! You BIG blue eyes are so incredibly expressive, it feels like we can almost read your soul!
You have my heart forever; from the moment you entered this world I have never been the same. We thank God every day that He gave you to us, and pray that you will always find life worth smiling about.
Keep that cheeky grin forever baby boy... and never stop hugging your Mama!

Booked and Crawling...

Killing two birds with one stone here... of course only figuratively! I do actually like birds generally speaking (the exception being the rooster that has finally decided to start crowing recently; like at 4:30am, then it's NOT a figurative threat)!
I have booked to sit my full license!
YEP - all booked!
The scary thing is... I couldn't get in until 7th February, a WHOLE month away! They were fully booked ALL over Auckland from early December right through to the end of January! 
New Year Resolutions perhaps? Some obviously a little earlier than that though; maybe some folk do Christmas Resolutions? Have you heard of these?
But maybe it is just all the teenagers booking after school had finished for the year?
Whatever the story, there were no bookings available before 30 January out west and over north, and out my way nothing was available before Feb 4th! And even then there was limited spaces... hence why it had to be the 7th! Works well for hubby though, he said he'll take th…
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