9 months today...

How the heck did that happen?!?

One minute you were a tiny helpless babe in my arms, next minute you're a wee little boy who can crawl, and has personality plus!

You, my boy, are our joy and our delight... your gorgeous smile just lights up the room, and your chuckle is contagious! You BIG blue eyes are so incredibly expressive, it feels like we can almost read your soul!

You have my heart forever; from the moment you entered this world I have never been the same. We thank God every day that He gave you to us, and pray that you will always find life worth smiling about.

Keep that cheeky grin forever baby boy... and never stop hugging your Mama!


One very special boy - and boys really don't stop hugging their Mama's - just don't tell your brother I said that!
Love and blessings
Cat said…
LOVE the new header and layout
Wow, 9 months already?! Are you sure?? ;) He has such a cute wee smile.
Amy said…
Awww, such a lovely post and Lil M is so blessed in the parents he has! I can't believe he is 9 months old already though!
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