Booked and Crawling...

Killing two birds with one stone here... of course only figuratively! I do actually like birds generally speaking (the exception being the rooster that has finally decided to start crowing recently; like at 4:30am, then it's NOT a figurative threat)!

I have booked to sit my full license!

YEP - all booked!

The scary thing is... I couldn't get in until 7th February, a WHOLE month away! They were fully booked ALL over Auckland from early December right through to the end of January! 

New Year Resolutions perhaps? Some obviously a little earlier than that though; maybe some folk do Christmas Resolutions? Have you heard of these?

But maybe it is just all the teenagers booking after school had finished for the year?

Whatever the story, there were no bookings available before 30 January out west and over north, and out my way nothing was available before Feb 4th! And even then there was limited spaces... hence why it had to be the 7th! Works well for hubby though, he said he'll take the day off on the 7th - and with it being directly after Waitangi Day, he gets a 3 day week that week!

This does give me time to study (again)... and to worry!

I thought I would also share a short video of 'lil M doing his caterpiller crawl; just so cute! He is getting quicker by the day though, so we'll really have to be serious about this baby-proofing soon!

SO - first goal for 2013 ticked off... well half of it anyway, still got to pass it!

Hope your year is starting off this well (hope I manage to stay this motivated)!


Well done Lil'M for getting mobile - and well done Mum for making THAT appointment :-).
Love and blessings
Miriam said…
good for you for making the appointment - yay!
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