Dreams v Jealousy

We have been talking about buying/building our own house again... don't get me wrong, we have no money - it's not going to happen any time soon! BUT the dream is always there; sometimes slightly out left-field, other times right in the centre of everything.

Currently - it is sitting smack in the centre! Everywhere we turn it seems like others are moving forward, or moving on, or planning the next move... and we're STILL stuck going round the same mountain, again and again!

My theme for the year 'It's the Little Things' may be one of the reasons we're not moving forward as fast as we would like - I discussed that here; money seems to be spent faster than it is earned in our house!

And because jealousy has/is an issue for me, I have deliberately chosen not to look to far into the future and think about what we don't have, what we would like, what we want/need... However, I am wondering - where is that fine line between jealousy and dreams? Is it okay to dream about what we want? Where do you cross that line into coveting?

I don't really know... I just know that when I start thinking about it too hard, I find myself getting more and more frustrated/angry and feeling hard-done-by. It's a tough call to be honest - I want to dream, I think it's important to dream; but I don't want to live my life with a chip on my shoulder, or bring my kids up with that attitude either.

But - saying all that, I want us to own our own home; in fact, we want to build! We want to own a plot of land, build our dream home and live as self-sustainable as we can... gardens, orchards, animals - the whole kiwi dream / lifestyle! Don't want to farm though, don't get me wrong... lifestyle block people, with the convenience of the shops close at hand!

SO - the big question is... do I open a pinterest account or not? Do I start 'pinning' ideas and dreams? Or is this going to open a big can of worms for me? Hmmmm - decisions, decisions!?!

Haha - I bet you thought this was going to be deep and meaningful! 

It's after 10:30pm folks, NOTHING is deep and meaningful this late at night!


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