For The Love of Summer...

Yesterday we had a really lovely quiet family afternoon at home... it was one of those perfect days; warm but not too sunny! And I think the photos will show that we all had a blast; these need to happen a bit more often I am thinking - it is quite reviving for us all, and leaves me feeling like I have actually spent quality time with the kids, not just rushed them around here and there.

Hubby taught Button how to blow her own bubbles, much to her delight... she loves bubbles, and keeps asking us to go outside with her and blow some. There is always some reason not to, and other things to do - but yesterday we made a conscience effort to stop and play.

Don't think either of the kids have quite got the concept!

When you're in the process of toilet training, and little puddles apear outside (top left), and it's the middle of summer... what else do you do?  Strip off, and play in the nude of course!

He had a BALL, growing up so quickly though... moving, and into everything as the next photos show!

He'll give anything a go these days - under the table to pick up a toy he'd lost, and then in the right hand photo he has just discovered the Christmas tree (which should be down... I'm still waiting)! Maybe this photo will prompt hubby to take it down soon?!?

'lil M has learnt how to throw balls and other toys, his favourite game currently is to either throw balls back and forth with his sister, or throw the ball by himself and then crawl after it (we have video proof), keeping himself occupied for ages! This is what he was doing in the left hand photo... he was rolling / throwing a stacking cup (orange speck in far left side), and was in the process of going after it!

And while I was outside playing with the camera, I thought I would try my hand at some close-up photography:

I love summer!

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Wonderful days - and great photos. Awesome that Lil'M is so self entertaining!
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Looks like you had a lovely day! Lil M sure has got the hang of getting around quickly once he started! Hope the toileting is going well for Button. The bubble blowing looks like fun (our's has run out - need to work out the right quantities of dishwash to water to make some homemade stuff). Amy
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