It's The Little Things - Part 3!

Urghhh - so many posts, but so little time! The older the kids get, the more exhausted I seem to be - and the less time I am getting! Never mind, 'this too shall pass'!

My 'It's The Little Things' theme for this year, came from this: 'If I can't trust you with the small things, how can I trust you with the big?', a word from God that has been hanging around in mid-air and bugging me for quite a while... I finally came to the conclusion at the end of last year that this is actually serious, and we won't be moving forward until all 'the little things' are in order. 

The 'little things' I have written about previously here and here are not the actual real challenges... ummm, like not having a baby album for 'lil M is going to create such havoc over our lives as this *grin*! Nope; those little things are just that - little things, MY little things... one way for me to start getting motivated, and COMPLETING projects!

Nope - the little things I am talking about here, are the BIGGER little things... like finances! Like priorities! Like promises! Like God!

We keep talking about budgeting, getting our finances under control, tithing regularly, following up on promises made, having regular quiet times, attending church more regularly... but the follow-through on all of these has been minimal to scant.

Also - for me, the little things is about dealing with some underlying core issues, personal / emotional stuff; stuff that has been sitting there for years and sucking the life out of me, and yet... it's still there.

So - as hubby put it, this year is MY year! We are going to focus on just us... our current family of four. No plans for new additions for another twelve months - then and ONLY then will it be up for discussion! While I don't have a new born, and while no pregnancy hormones are raging through my body - I am going to start to refocus, and tackle some of these 'little things' head on.

So practically - it's the budgeting and money issues that I believe is our biggest area of weakness, mine in particular... especially in the food area; that is where most of our over-spending happens. Part of this is lack of planning, part of this is lazy cooking. So this past week we have decided we are going to go shopping with cash only... this meant my last grocery shop was done with a list and a calculator, long and drawn out (and I admit it - at times, rather embarrassing), but oh so worth it when I came home with spare change! Admittedly, I didn't buy fruit and veggies - which meant our 'pocket money' was spent on these, but again, they came under that budget! I will get better at this as time goes on, I will get quicker at this as time goes on, and I will also start planning ahead more and getting more organised as time goes on - but I am pretty stoked at how the year has started out!

If we can get our debt paid off this year, stay on track with a fairly tight budget, and at least keep our savings steady - if not growing, then I'll be one happy chick!

My focus for me... the two things that probably hold me back the most personally, is jealousy and anger. I will (maybe) go into these more at a later date - but lets just say, it's not pretty under there! There are a lot of other things that hang off these as well, BUT I think these are the original core issues (if you think otherwise - please feel free to comment and share your opinion, I'll try not to bash you too hard *grin*)!

Anyway - that's enough deep stuff for now... will probably come back and dig around these a bit more as the year goes on; it really is quite important to me. But for now, my head is spinning and I need some sleep - I also need to process this a bit, kinda typed 'aloud', so to speak; so it is quite likely a bit muddled, and has the potential to get even more muddled this time of night!


Sarann said…
Hi what a honest post. Love it. My focus this year is also money and so thanks for the visual of the shopping lady with calculator - I'm going to give it a go. Sounds like an awesome year.
Hi - remind me of this when we meet again as I have a bit to share on one of your base 'you' issues.
Love and blessings
Aynsley said…
I try and keep to a food budget - my strategy is slightly different. Instead of taking a calculator to the shops I either shop on line at Countdown and see the running total before I get to the checkout or I do a "mock" shop online during the week with the normal food items to get a grand total of my list and then when I do go to the actual shop I know if I keep to my list I have a rough idea of the cost already.
Ruth said…
The cash working system is a great one! We did it while S was studying. My handy hint would be when you come home with excess put it in a jar and carry it over till the next week or week after as opposed to spending it on something else as some weeks you just need more ie. guests over, people staying, run out of a lot of staple items or cleaners at the same time. Then you can be "over budget" one week but still within the family budget. If you really have extra at the end of the year then you have money saved for Christmas :) naturally this is much harder to do than write about!
Food-budgeting is something I'm working on too...and I was feeling embarrassed about using a calculator until I noticed quite a few people doing it the other day, and realised that it's not something to feel embarrassed about :)
It sounds like a good year to concentrate on yourself xx
Amy said…
I really enjoy reading your introspective posts like this one, thanks.
We use cash too - there's no way I'd be able to budget at all without doing that, as I literally can't remember what I spent money on when I use eftpos(even when reading the bank statement later!).
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