It's The Little Things - Part Two!

We have been burning the candle at both ends a bit these holidays, and I am finding I am so tired that I am not interesting in blogging in the evenings... and yet nothing much is getting done here really; minimal housework and cooking, minimal down-time. I don't want the rest of this year to continue on in this way - so, hence forward, the little projects!

I have told hubby that this is MY year, no new born babies (thus no longer having to get up regularly at night for the kids... thus more sleep for me, meaning more energy for down time in the evenings, doing what I want to do), and no pregnancy - at least not until the end of the year! This is the theory anyway... and it will be the only way these little things will get completed! I know, in the big scheme of things, these years are short - but it is beginning to feel like I have been in the 'Little People' years for a LONG time, and there are still a few more to go! I will look back one day with rose-tinted glasses I am sure, but right now there are days I wish it were over (like today - a whole hour of tiredness-induced tantrums from Button, thankfully she  crashed this afternoon and had a sleep)!

So - I have been mulling over those '12 Little Things' that I wrote about... but am still working out the practical side here; as I am an 'all or nothing' kinda gal, and did exactly what I said I'd do! Wrote up a HUGE list, and then gave myself 3-5 things to complete EACH month! Then sat on it, and realised that if I hadn't completed any of them in the past 12 months, what makes me think I'll get that many completed within one month!

Yep - time to tone it down...

So I have a list of 16 small practical things I want to get completed this year; plus a list of bigger but more personal things I want to get started on as well, most can/will be shared here also.

Small Practical Goals:

* Book and get full license (started)
* Tidy blog up (started)
* Sort some sort of ECCE out for Button (she'll be 3 in May)
* Sort out photo board for 'lil M
* Buy 2x 200 photo albums and put Australia holiday photos in them (started)
* Start recipe file (started)
* Menu planning regularly
* Buy picture hooks and hang our diplomas/degrees up (started)
* Sort family wedding photos and get them printed (started)
* Frame and then hang family wedding photos
* Frame and hang family portrait
* Get 'lil M's baby album done
* Fill out 'lil M's 'first year' calendar (only got his birth date on it, oops)
* Buy Baby Book for 'lil M
* Start filling out both kids baby books
* Sort photos to start first family albums (probably through Snapfish)

I think that is enough little projects!

So, now onto the more personal ones:

* Get more organised:
- This is where the menu planning comes into being.
- Get back on the budgeting track (have registered at in the hopes this will inspire me, and help us sort out a workable budget).
- Organise our evenings and down time more effectively, so I do get some of the above projects completed!
- Start thinking ahead regarding birthdays and gifts and other important celebrations; with regard to planning/budgeting/present hunting.
- Keep on with the decluttering I have started.

* Look after myself better:
- This doesn't just mean physically i.e. exercise (although that will need to come in to it as well of course)!
- Eat more nutritional meals, plan these into the week and make sure the family are getting good nutrition as well.
- Get out more often, and have people over more often.
- Make God and church attendance a MUCH higher priority.
- Be more honest with hubby ***

* Challenge myself more often: 
- Drive to new area's (after I get my full license *grin*)!
- Get out and meet new people (i.e. bloggy meet-ups)!
- Look into free online photography courses.
- Look into free online writing courses.

I think that pretty much sums up what I want this year to look like... it's going to be hard work, but I think the rewards will  outweigh any pain and frustration!

Hopefully by spending a little more time on me this year, the family will have a happier and more balanced mummy and wife!

What are your goals and aspirations this year?

*** Hubby is GREAT, don't get me wrong... but he is your typical male, and is prone to preaching, he has strong opinions which are shared without thought at times, and will always try and fix things! I am still TRYING to teach him just to listen - without preaching, fixing or having an forthright opinion! I realised recently, it has got to the point where I bottle and hide, rather than share things... this is not healthy, and not a wise decision if I want a flourishing and happy marriage. So I have discussed this with hubby (just last night), and we are going to implement a strategy every night where we share three positive things about each other that day, and one negative thing! Hopefully this will teach me to be more honest, and teach him to listen better...


I hope you have printed out these lists so you remember them :-)!
Good goals, so I hope you achieve at least some of them, preferably more.
Found myself doing some menu planning today as I am realising that the limited meat selection at the supermarket is meaning repetitive meals.
Love and blessings
Amy said…
I'm so with you on the 'burning candle at both ends' this summer - and I remember feeling similar last summer...heat, noisy neighbourhood, and later-finishing movies on tv have not helped. Haha. Trying to settle into better routines now though, and I have been so inspired by your post I've written up my own goals on my blog. Thank you! Hope you have a great year and fully enjoy YOUR year! You've got lots of things started already (and I couldn't help but notice how many things on your list are to do with photos, grin!). Amy
Sophie said…
Hope you get lots and lots of rest and that your little projects bring you creative renewal! They sound like fun things to do! I know what you mean about getting your full licence and working up the courage to drive to new places. I got mine in my 30s too and it took me a while to feel confident on certain roads. xx
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