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Hello again,

It is lovely to have you along for the ride again this week... last week I had three other folk link in with me - I think that is pretty awesome for a first time! Maybe this week we'll get a couple more? 

Hey - why don't you join in? It would be great to have you along this week... but either way, please leave a comment and let me know you've popped in!

7th to 13th January 2013:

This week started off with a happy little clown... we always put lip gloss on Button as she is one hot little puppy, and often used to wake up with dry lips. Hubby decided last time, that red strawberry gloss was cute - so quite often this is what we get! Although this is quite an extreme look, she doesn't often get all the way round the outside of her mouth (hence the photo)!

On the 8th we introduced 'lil M to marmite (and discovered that our marmite jar was getting rather low, although we are pretty stoked we still have some left)! Button was a HUGE fan, but thankfully has since moved onto honey; leaving us with some for the baby!

Later that day we popped down to the local Botanical Gardens for a family walk... and I am very proud of the next two photos I took!

We have also had friends around for morning tea on one of these days, they have four children and I think both our kids found the noise a little overwhelming! But it was fun, and we were delighted to be able to spend some time with them.

This is the view we wake up to every morning, what you can't see is that it is Auckland City in the distance... there were a few clouds that morning! Personally, I think the view looks even more beautiful without the city in it!

On Thursday we made a spontaneous trip out to Maraetai Beach, it was great... 'lil M had never been to the beach before, but it turns out he LOVES water (of course we know that he loves baths, but...)! And of course you just can't have a trip to the beach without finishing it off with an ice cream - LOVE!

On Friday we popped over to hubby's sisters place, and caught up with family... Button had her toe nails painted for the first ever time, in bright yellow no less; thanks Aunty Sharlene!

Here are a few other random shots from the day:

Yesterday 'lil M was 9 months, I shared that here, and did a little photo collage of his first 9 months:

Top 5 are new born (the big photo) through to August, then the bottom 5 are September through to January (big one obviously being the latest photo taken just this week)!

Here are a few more random shots from the week:

Top Left - I came home from a walk one morning to find this... Daddy on the tablet, and Button on his smartphone! Like Father, like Daughter! They never even heard me until after I had taken the photos!

Top Right - Daddy's little helper... Hubby is meant to be finishing the entertainment unit he started many moons ago these holidays! I think Button has as much faith in that deadline as me, and popped out the other night to do a bit of sanding, and maybe help motivate Daddy to finish the job!

Bottom - PLAYDOUGH! First batch... fun for everyone!

Well this is all for the week, I had hoped to have had this finished last night and ready to be linked too early this morning! But alas, it was not to be again... hopefully next week!

Looking forward to seeing/reading about what your week has been like!


Ha, love the photo of Button dropping hints about the entertainment unit :)
Leonie said…
thanks for hosting!
I love the photo of your little one with the lipgloss on! too cute.
Love your weekly review - especially the one of Mr C and Button enjoying a quiet moment with technology!!
Blessings and Love
Amy said…
Love the marmite face, and your lovely photos from the gardens...yup, and have to agree with Ange that Button's hint dropping is terrific!
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