Proud Mama Moment!

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One major break-through this week, and one VERY proud Mama!

Button seems to have finally caught onto toilet training!

Wahoo - after months of just nothing from her (admittedly, we weren't the most consistent either, as day after day of accidents tend to leave you rather despondent), it seemed to click overnight! My parents were up, and Mum was playing with her when she suddenly told her she needed to go to the toilet - up until then she has always told us during or after the fact! Mum grabbed her, told her to hold on and ran to the toilet; and that was the end of that!

She even managed a 'no accident day' one day this week - earning herself 6 marshmallows! SIX - that would have been six changes of clothes just last week; praise God, I am SO thrilled!

Of course I don't have an appropriate photo to share, but  will give you a happy photo of my Button... one proud Mama!


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