Sunday Snippets 5


Good afternoon,

It was a lean week last week, with only my wonderful sister-in-law linking in with me, thank you SO much Amy! It really means a lot that you are prepared to do this regularly, as I know how little spare time you have.

I'm a bit late again this week - hubby seems to have eaten some gluten again these past couple of days, and thus has been sick. We have absolutely NO idea where it has come from, as he has only been eating at home and we are extra careful around here... it is not nice seeing him struggle with this, as he is getting worse each time he strays (or by accident) and just eats even a little bit.

I am going to try and keep it short and sweet this week, it has been a LONG and tough week - very limited sleep from both the kids (yesterday my son lived on one 30 minute sleep ALL day), and loads of tears and tantrums from them both (and me)! But despite this, there have been some sweet moments, and that is what I will show you here:

So - this week there has been:


My first attempt at home-made muesli (nom,nom)
Gluten-free Peanutbutter Cookies

Both which were a huge success, yay!

We had a pussycat join us for dinner under the table one evening this week...

There was a trip to the park - short, as it was HOT!

New toys - popular with both children...
Given to us for the baby from some friends, but thankfully the sound does not work!

Sprinkler fun with the neighbours kids!

An attempt at taking some creative shots...

The table was fixed yet again
(building a table will be the next big project for hubby, so hopefully this was the last time he will have to fix it)!
It must have left an impact on Button though, as for the next 48 hours she told anyone who would listen about Daddy fixing the broken table leg!
My two cute kids!

Random shots of Button this week:
1) Our cute little ladybug
2) Kissing Daddy's feet
3) SLEEPING... yay!

The story behind Button kissing Daddy's feet isn't quite as bad as it looks! She'd just been told off, and was walking away in a sulk... hubby called out to her to come back and give him a kiss and a cuddle, when she turned he put his foot out and as a joke - told her to kiss it! She has his sense of humour and thought it a HUGE joke, and was quite happy to kiss it... and a few times as well, in order for me to capture a photo *grin*! I wasn't quick enough to get the first impromptu moment, but managed to capture one of the kisses eventually!

Ransom shots of 'lil M this week:

Top Two Photos - end of the day yesterday after only giving us one 30 minute sleep all day... BIG grins, and the typical 'Not half tired' look from his highchair!
Middle & Bottom Right - Now he is moving, he gets himself into some pretty funny places that he can't always work his way out of!
Bottom Left - nappy-free time yesterday... he was a BUSY boy and I got some really classic shots, but don't think it is appropriate to share them here!

So despite the tough week, there were some photo-worthy moments, and some truly sweet times as well!

This week will be better - I have guests from tomorrow through to the following Monday... it is always nice to have company, especially family, but also friends, who love the kids. Makes my life that little bit easier :-)!

So next week should be photo-heavy as well, yay!


Love your weekly post :-)
Cute photos of the littlies too. Sorry to hear that DH was not well :-(.
Looking forward to being some of those visitors :-) :-).
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Love the kitten eating her dinner!
Is that a tallboy I see there!????! Details, details, details...
It looks really nice.
Glad you had some nice moments in the madness of the week.
Sounds like a good week (apart from your hubby being unwell, hope he's better now) xx
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