Sunday Snippets 6!


So - this week there has been (in no particular order):

Gorgeous sunsets:

Morning tea picnics in the lounge:


Handstands onto Mum and Dad's bed:

Little cousin playdates:

Snuggles in the morning with Mama:

Fun with the soft toys:

Bust lips and grazed chins :-(!

Cuddles with special Auntys:

Visits from Grandparents:

Special times with Daddy:

Cute little sleepy faces:

Time spent with a friend... before she leaves us:

Family coffee dates:

More waterslides:

New favourite reading places:

'laxing out in front of the TV with lunch:

Full licenses sat and PASSED!

All this and SO much more; including a bloggy-get-together, where no one took photos... (I did take my camera, but it is hard work trying to hold conversations while dealing with two small children, despite having my Mum there! So you're just going to have to believe me - about the bloggy get-together and the busyness of two small children *grin*)!

Looking forward to seeing you - sorry for the confusion last week, if you tried to link up, but couldn't... all has been sorted, and theoretically it should be all-go now!


Awesome and busy week :-) So blessed to be part of it.
Love and blessings
Cat said…
Yeah for bloggy get togethers
Can't believe we didn't do photos
Bad bloggers LOL
No linking in for me this week sorry hon
Still in holiday mode
Amy said…
Man, that waterslide looks like SO much fun! And sitting in the container of soft toys too. Amy
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