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Thanks for popping into Sunday Snippets again! Hopefully we'll inspire a few more of you to join in soon :-)!

This week was very quiet - after two weeks out of routine due to public holidays and guests, I decided the kids needed a quiet week to get used to 'normal routine' again (we'd only had one week pre all the disruptions)... I also needed to focus on Button's toilet training, and make the most of the fact she was finally starting to 'get it'! So we, literally, only left the house twice during the week; and those were short trips for things like fruit etc.

So - this is what our week consisted of:

Homemade Muesli
Gluten-free at that! 
Got a bit of refining to do though, not as yummy as ours!

Some great successes in the kitchen
Recipe can be found here
And there were some not-so-great meals, SO bad they got chucked out... 
yep, still on a steep learning curve here!

Little friends who were briefly watching a 'toot-toot' together (family name for a DVD)... guess whose child was the one who got bored first ;-)! 

Porridge and peaches...

10 months old and learning new skills everyday!

And some of the new skills involved putting toys through the cat door! He discovered the cat door a few weeks ago, but this week he realised he could put toys through it! Keep him occupied for ages in the first couple of days ;-)!

Messy Eater and Messy Player!
It only takes a few moments, and what starts off as a lovely tidy kids area, soon turns into a hurricane site... this is nothing compared to what it looks like today though!

Our PAFT Teacher popped out (Parents As First Teachers) and spent some time with Button. Only three more months to go and Button 'graduates', the PAFT teachers come out monthly for the first three years of your eldest child's life...

We played with the Bubble Machine the kids got for Christmas, that was until the little ankle-biter crawled up to it and started to tip it!

Then on Friday we met Daddy down at the shops, to buy a book for Button for doing so well with her toilet training! Whitcoulls has some fun toys for the kids, and Button loves it there - here she is driving down to visit Mama and Pop-Pop with her new 'friends' (who were put 'back to bed' before we left the shops *grin*)!

Then late yesterday we popped out for an ice cream and a quick trip to the park... 'lil M tried his very first ever ice cream, it was SO funny! He loved it, but it was cold - he'd try taking a BIG mouthful but would then pull back and shake his head in shock every.single.time; had us in fits! And of course, despite Button having her own ice cream, Mummy still had to share with her as well... both the kids took AGES  to go to sleep last night, and I am wondering if they were on a sugar high (Button also had some lollies). Might need to re-think this treat, and make sure they have it earlier in the day next time!

This afternoon we are off to a work function with hubby - a Chinese New Year celebration... I am looking forward to it, but dreading it also. The kids haven't really slept well in the past 24 hours, and I am just not sure how they will go! Ah well, we can always leave early ;-)!

This week will also see us back to the Doctor's for Button, we are starting to think that she has not out-grown her dairy allergy, and it may be causing some of her tummy issues. So this may mean I end up back to cooking gluten AND dairy free meals - oh the joys, not really looking forward to that.

Hope this past week has been good to you!


Oh the joys of kids and first ice creams - and sharing ones own! Glad to hear you had a good week.
Love and blessings
Looks like a nice week again. Love the pic of your wee man standing! We didn't get offered a PAFT lady, but a friend did, and she's loved having her visit.
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