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Sunday Snippets 13

This week has been a week of tiredness, tantrums and terrible nights... also an Easter of illness. Not much 'nice' to share, so will let the photos do the talking and gloss over the rest ;-)! Hoping next week will be better.

A few photos of beautiful things from this week! Okay - so maybe the cat can't be called 'beautiful', but she is cute! And even cuter when wrapped in a blanket courtesy of Button... all while she slept; don't know how Button managed it, but it was too cute not to take a photo!

A new, and very successful dinner recipe - devoured by all! Roll-Over Meatloaf. Intrigued? Stay tuned for the recipe... I will share!

The kids are starting to play together more and more - LOVING IT! 'lil M is no longer content to watch the world go by from his stroller, if Button is having fun - he must also be out and having fun! 

Buttons Week! Included, but not limited to: Building castles Reading the 'paper' Drinking 'coffee' (to wake myself up Mummy)! Tree…

Brand New Life

1 Peter 1:3The Message  A New Life3-5 What a God we have! And how fortunate we are to have him, this Father of our Master Jesus! Because Jesus was raised from the dead, we’ve been given a brand-new life and have everything to live for, including a future in heaven—and the future starts now! God is keeping careful watch over us and the future. The Day is coming when you’ll have it all—life healed and whole.

This, my friends, is what Easter is about: New Life! Admittedly - this is after the birth of 'lil M; so the photo is almost 12 months old. Everything to live for...
It is a reminder to stop; stop and think, stop and remember all the blessings we have been given. My life isn't perfect - but my children are pretty close to it... I had a friend pop in recently, she has known me for a LONG time; and she reminded me just how far I have come. We marvelled at my life now; at all the blessings I have around me daily - a husband who loves me dearly, two gorgeous children; things I seriousl…

Sunday Snippets 12

Good Evening,

It is a late Sunday Snippets today... been a busy day, and have only just got onto my computer; hubby is already in bed asleep (and thankfully, so are the kids)!

So, while it has been a BUSY week, I am just going to keep it a simple post; as I am exhausted and ready for bed myself!

You may, or may not remember - I was in the middle of making a Gluten-Free Caramel Slice when I posted last weeks Sunday Snippets; here is a sneak peek at the finished product for you all:

I had my little decorator on hand to help with finishing the job, and as you can see - she takes her role VERY seriously! 
Nana was staying with us last weekend, and on the Monday hubby took the day off and we had a family picnic down at the Botanical Gardens to celebrate her birthday, and our oldest niece (or should that read eldest niece? Anyone know the correct grammer? I am TOO tired to care tonight)!

Don't we have the cutest kids!?!
I made the most of the fact hubby was home, and jacked up two visits to di…


Come join me on Bloglovin'
Yep - following the crowd over this time... but still getting my head around the changes; so bare with me as I work it all out!

** The above link doesn't work, urghhh - not sure what I did wrong! However, if you look to the left of my blog you'll see a 'Follow Me On Bloglovin'" button, so PLEASE use this instead.

Sorry for the confusion... still working it all out :-)!

To Smack or Not To Smack

Image found here
We have chosen not to smack; but it has been a long hard road to get to this point... it was not an easy decision, and has got nothing to do with the 'Anti-Smacking' law.
When the law first came in we didn't have children, and we decided then that we'd ignore it and bring up our children in a way that felt appropriate for us. I was smacked as a child (we both were, it was the 'norm' back then); but it was done in an appropriate way, appropriate time and for appropriate reasons. I don't believe I have been scarred for life by this; it was always a last resort and my Dad never smacked me - even back then, he didn't believe it was appropriate for him to smack me, as a girl - as his daughter (he did, however, smack my brother). So my Mum always had to administer the punishments when it came to the point of requiring a smack; but once done, all was forgiven and 'forgotten', and we moved on.
So when our daughter was born, we just sailed …

I'm Singing In The Rain...

Okay - maybe not IN the rain, but it seemed an appropriate title given the weather at the moment... and of course the jubilation at such weather!
My Button LOVES singing... seriously LOVES it! She goes around the house singing all day, we LOVE it also - just too cute! 
So I managed to capture some on video the other day... you'll need to excuse the quality of the video and the fact you can't actually see her (or hear her very well, hmmmm); and in case the quality is worse than what I realised - she is singing 'BINGO'!
The reason for the hiding is that I'd just videoed six minutes of her singing, but that is FAR too long to share on here (and I knew it), so I just wanted to video ONE more song! She wasn't quite as keen as me - but eventually snuggled into me, and sang!

Hope you manage to hear her, and appreciate it in all it's cuteness... I don't expect you to love it like we do though *grin*, that is truly a parents prerogative ;-)! 

Sunday Snippets 11

It has been a quieter week this week - totally grateful, but still struggling with lack of sleep (and by the end with a bit of cabin fever)! However, I guess if I am feeling a little better overall - it's a good thing; a little cabin fever never hurt anyone, right?!?

So I am going to start this week with some random pics:

1) We had a beautiful little feathered guest join us one morning this week, much to Button's delight... it eventually found it's way back outside, but not before posing for me!
2) I finally managed to make some gluten-free muesli that is also hubby-safe! He can't stomach nuts and dried fruit either, so every other batch I have churned out previously has always had something he has reacted to - but this one was deemed a success! The best compliment a wife could ask for was 'I could live on this'; guess you can call that a success ;-)!
3) On Thursday a parcel arrived - from an online store I have never heard of (something gorilla), let alone bought …

Have I Told you Lately...

How gorgeous this lad is?

Or how fast he is growing up?
Eleven months...
Yep, that's right - one month and we'll be celebrating a first birthday. 
Yikes, better sort and send those invites out huh!
Feeling a little sad that he is growing SO fast, but he is such a funny and sweet little boy - it's also quite exciting!
Talking of whom - he's just woken from his sleep, so had better go get him... maybe one day soon I'll be able to actually write up a decent post! Maybe!

THE Look...

I think it is safe to say that my daughter has got  THE LOOK!

And boy, can she ever roll those eyes!

Sunday Snippets 10

Welcome once more - thanks to everyone who linked in last week, I think I got around you all; but if I haven't left you a comment... HUGE apologies, I have barely been on my computer this week, so it is all a bit haphazard and hopeful on my part!

There are going to be some changes around here - here being our house, not this blog! But hopefully it will also show through in this... in good ways. I am starting to lose the plot a bit, over-tired and wrung out - putting so much pressure on myself, and then getting angry and resentful with hubby and Button in particular. So we're installing some early nights, daily quiet times, and hubby is picking up some of the housework to take the pressure off me. He is also taking over with Button more and more when he is home - we are currently living through some serious tantrums, major issues at bedtimes and generally she is making life very difficult; I feel like we are butting heads over EVERYTHING, and it is driving me insane. By the time…

Gluten-Free Quiche

Original Recipe can be found here!
Gail's Self-Crusting Gluten-Free Quiche
3 eggs 1c milk 1c gluten-free flour 1tsp g-f baking powder 1c grated cheese Salt & Pepper Any veggies and other bits and pieces (bacon, sausages etc.), that you would like to add, cut into small pieces.
*Mix together egg, milk, salt and pepper. *Add flour and baking powder until just combined. *Add in veggies and cheese. * Pour into 20-23cm greased tin, and bake at 220oC for 20-30 minutes. * Leave to cool for 5-10 minutes before turning out.

YUMMY - this is so totally going to be one of my go-to recipes when I have run out of idea's, got loads of left-overs, or just exhausted and unorganised! It is quick, easy and DIVINE (even my toddler ate it), the worst part is just cutting up the veggies... but seriously, what is there to complain about!
I am also sure it will work just as well with a cup of normal flour, and normal baking powder! So go on - give it a go :-)!
I have made two so far; one for dinner for us all an…
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