I'm Singing In The Rain...

Okay - maybe not IN the rain, but it seemed an appropriate title given the weather at the moment... and of course the jubilation at such weather!

My Button LOVES singing... seriously LOVES it! She goes around the house singing all day, we LOVE it also - just too cute! 

So I managed to capture some on video the other day... you'll need to excuse the quality of the video and the fact you can't actually see her (or hear her very well, hmmmm); and in case the quality is worse than what I realised - she is singing 'BINGO'!

The reason for the hiding is that I'd just videoed six minutes of her singing, but that is FAR too long to share on here (and I knew it), so I just wanted to video ONE more song! She wasn't quite as keen as me - but eventually snuggled into me, and sang!

Hope you manage to hear her, and appreciate it in all it's cuteness... I don't expect you to love it like we do though *grin*, that is truly a parents prerogative ;-)! 


As a doting grandparent, I LOVE it. ;-).
Love and blessings
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