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Welcome once more - thanks to everyone who linked in last week, I think I got around you all; but if I haven't left you a comment... HUGE apologies, I have barely been on my computer this week, so it is all a bit haphazard and hopeful on my part!

There are going to be some changes around here - here being our house, not this blog! But hopefully it will also show through in this... in good ways. I am starting to lose the plot a bit, over-tired and wrung out - putting so much pressure on myself, and then getting angry and resentful with hubby and Button in particular. So we're installing some early nights, daily quiet times, and hubby is picking up some of the housework to take the pressure off me. He is also taking over with Button more and more when he is home - we are currently living through some serious tantrums, major issues at bedtimes and generally she is making life very difficult; I feel like we are butting heads over EVERYTHING, and it is driving me insane. By the time hubby gets home from work I am over her... this week there have been tantrums EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. Friday the tantrums started at 5:30am, and yesterday they didn't finish until 8:30pm - yep, heart-warming stuff I tell ya, NOT!

Anyway, onto better and brighter things - this week I thought I would do my Snippets a little differently,  so please feel free to pop in and leave a comment; letting me know if it works better or not!

My week consisted of:


Admittedly the pancakes are hubby's speciality, especially for weekend breakfasts! But the rest... well, some of them have been complete failures (note the scones - top left), kept me busy 4 out of 5 days! This doesn't even include everything I made, I don't photograph E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G; honest! But this does about sum my week up for me - but there were other things also; I just need to remember what they were!

Button's week consisted of:

- Trips to the Doctor for a swollen lip (still not 100% sure what caused it, but think it may have been a mozzie bite).
- Pretending to be pregnant (no I am not pregnant, but we have read a book about it recently).
- Buy a new trampoline (new to us, not brand new), out of mostly her own money!
- Trying to fit into her dolls cot - from many different angles!
- Decorating my chocolate cupcakes for dessert.
- Playing with playdough.
- Cleaning (seriously - her favourite thing at the moment; bath, toilets, dishes, sweeping... most of these are with supervision of course *grin*)!
- Picked the one and only cucumber in our garden.

'lil M's week consisted of:

Exploring and climbing... yep, that about sums his week up in total!
- He found his sisters room, the spare room and the cat food this week.
- He discovered he can get outside through both the french doors by himself this week.
- He discovered he could climb the big stairs this week - and then fall down, so we now have a gate on the stairs!
- He has decided that he will never go around an obstacle again, it's all about going over (or through in the case of the coffee table)!
Yep - child-proofing has just gone up another level around here, as has supervision... this means even less gets done when he is awake!
- He also got tooth 7 through, and while he is a fairly good teether; we were very pleased to see it! Waiting on tooth 8 to arrive, and then hopefully we'll (he'll) get a bit of a break!
- Twice this week he has gone through an entire day on only 1 hours worth of sleep... his choice though, as we have given him every opportunity to sleep! It did mean that last night he crashed at 6:15pm and we never heard from him until 6:45am this morning; nice!

So I am hoping that the changes mentioned at the beginning of this post will bring about a more positive me, thus more positive posts on here... we are cutting our TV viewing down also, which in turn will give me more time to blog and do other more important stuff (as long as the early nights do their trick as well *grin*)! I have a lot of idea's floating around, but never seem to find the time and/or the energy to share them with you... here's hoping this will change soon! 


Oh the joys of family - yes I can remember the day's of being 'over' either one of you or both! We all survived to tell the tale, and smile. And we are all still talking to each other.
Love and blessings
Cat said…
I hope the changes bring you some inner peace
When does button start kindy?
Amy said…
Love the photo collages of the kids...Lil M is definitely in the active exploration stage! Think of me today - I'm sick, home with the sick boy, alone, 8:30-8.
Early beds/etc sound like a good plan...we are trying to instigate similar here. Actually managed 9pm last night, first time in ages! Looking forward to hearing all the thoughts you have going round sometime. Amy
Aynsley said…
I have to laugh - Lucy has only just got her 7th tooth at 19 months! She is a terribly slow teether.
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