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Good Evening,

It is a late Sunday Snippets today... been a busy day, and have only just got onto my computer; hubby is already in bed asleep (and thankfully, so are the kids)!

So, while it has been a BUSY week, I am just going to keep it a simple post; as I am exhausted and ready for bed myself!

You may, or may not remember - I was in the middle of making a Gluten-Free Caramel Slice when I posted last weeks Sunday Snippets; here is a sneak peek at the finished product for you all:

I had my little decorator on hand to help with finishing the job, and as you can see - she takes her role VERY seriously! 

Nana was staying with us last weekend, and on the Monday hubby took the day off and we had a family picnic down at the Botanical Gardens to celebrate her birthday, and our oldest niece (or should that read eldest niece? Anyone know the correct grammer? I am TOO tired to care tonight)!

Don't we have the cutest kids!?!

I made the most of the fact hubby was home, and jacked up two visits to different Preschools that day for us... thought it would be an easy choice; but it turned out to be anything but!

Here is Button trying out the outside equipment at the two different centres - I made sure I took photos with no other kiddies in them... as you can see, one is far more natural than the other! That was the one I thought would be the 'easy' choice, but Button seemed far more comfortable at the other one - made it a tough call.

Tuesday was also busy, as we got a text for a last minute playdate, which I wasn't going to turn down - in the end we arrived quite late and ended up having to scavenge some lunch, in order to make sure the kids got home without melt-downs! It worked and 'lil M gave me a good 3 hour sleep that afternoon!

Wednesday and Thursday were home days - loads of housework to catch up on, and just quietness and peace!

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:
1) 'Lil M has discovered that the entertainment unit it actually quite entertaining!
2) Just two cutest wee kids ever!
3) Button LOVES looking through her baby album, it is brought out quite regularly and flicked through.
4) The couch has finally been conquered as well - it was one of the final things Button pulled herself up on also, not an easy suite for this age!
5 & 6) Saturday afternoon we all NEEDED some fresh air, so we popped down to the Gardens again, just for a walk - turns out there was a fair on, so we bought an ice cream sundae and thick shake to share around. Kids LOVED it, and Mummy came home less grumpy as well...

Hubby took Friday off work again as well, the idea being we'd visit both the Preschools one final time (told you it was a tough decision)! But 'lil M desperately needed a sleep by the time we had organised ourselves - so Daddy stayed home with him, while Button and I went out for the entire morning!

This time both Centres actually spent HEAPS of time with me discussing their philosophies (one of the issues I'd had previously, is that I had been 'ignored' by all the teachers at both Centres, and only spoken to by the Admin Staff; having worked in Daycare in my previous life I know, as busy as teachers are; especially Head Teachers, this is a choice), and I came home MUCH happier about the original centre I had been keen on. However, like the previous time - Button seemed more relaxed in the other centre. But after much discussion with Hubby, we are choosing to send her to the first Preschool... their philosophies are more consistent with what she'll be getting here at home (it is a Christian Preschool), and we feel this is quite important. So this week it'll be enrolling her two mornings a week, and working out a transitional phase (with more hours once she settles in). I know it sounds like I am making a bigger deal about it than what it is, but keep in mind Button has never been left before. Previously we've only ever attended Playcentre and gymnastics - together, and she has only ever been babysat by people she is really familiar with; and generally only at home. So this is a BIG deal, to me and to her... but hoping it'll be easier than I am expecting! So despite the fact we're choosing the one she wasn't as comfortable with, I am hoping it is the right choice - but will probably second-guess myself until she proves me wrong!

Friday night was horrendous, Button woke at 3am and had a rip-roaring tantrum for an hour... finally falling back to sleep at 4:30am; thankfully she never woke her brother! Hubby and I both didn't really settle well after that, bubs waking at 7:30am, but Button slept through until 8:30am. The consequences of this behaviour was that she missed gymnastics due to sleeping in (it starts at 9am) and she missed her cousins birthday party that day - here's hoping she'll stop and think next time (hahaha)!

Saturday was a fairly quiet day at home - other than the above mentioned walk at The Gardens due to our need for fresh air (Mummy had a over-tired induced headache, and I think Daddy was feeling pretty grotty also), nothing much happened that is worth mentioning! Saturday night was uneventful thankfully, but still didn't sleep well...

Today has been busy - church in the morning, and then a baking spree this afternoon:

Top) Mocka Chocka
Left) Hokey Pokey
Right) Chocolate Shortbread
All gluten-free I might add

Anyway - seriously need some sleep now, so will sign off and catch up with you all next week! 


Amy said…
I'ts a complicated thing, choosing a centre. I think as long as Button doesn't seem uncomfortable, then that's okay...if we'd sent Munchkin to the one he was most comfortable at during visits, he'd not be thriving like he is now (there were lots of diggers you see, and big truck puzzles, but not lots of staff attention which he actually needs more, he just doesn't realise it!).
I'm sure Button is going to just LOVE kindy once she settles into it...and you will love having some time apart too. ;op
Hope you have a nice week!
That was one busy week - you will be glad you have made the decision regarding pre-school.
That baking looks yummy
Love and Blessings
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