Sunday Snippets 13


This week has been a week of tiredness, tantrums and terrible nights... also an Easter of illness. Not much 'nice' to share, so will let the photos do the talking and gloss over the rest ;-)! Hoping next week will be better.

A few photos of beautiful things from this week!
Okay - so maybe the cat can't be called 'beautiful', but she is cute! And even cuter when wrapped in a blanket courtesy of Button... all while she slept; don't know how Button managed it, but it was too cute not to take a photo!

A new, and very successful dinner recipe - devoured by all!
Roll-Over Meatloaf.
Intrigued? Stay tuned for the recipe... I will share!

The kids are starting to play together more and more - LOVING IT!
'lil M is no longer content to watch the world go by from his stroller, if Button is having fun - he must also be out and having fun! 

Buttons Week!
Included, but not limited to:
Building castles
Reading the 'paper'
Drinking 'coffee' (to wake myself up Mummy)!
Tree Hugging
Lip-gloss Extraordinaire

'lil M's Week:
Included, but not limited to:
Standing anywhere, and everywhere
- Including the chairs around Buttons table, uh oh!
Riding Button's bike (love the expression on his face here)
Using those BIG BLUE eyes to his full advantage
Laughing at me through the cat-door (LOVE)!

So really - there were some memorable moments in the middle of the mayhem, so glad I managed to capture some of them!

Hope you have also, and link them in with me!


Oh what a week of contrasts - do hope you are all better soon!
Love and blessings
Sometimes it's better to not relive those not-so-good moments, and just think about the nice ones :)
(I will be linking in again soon, I promise - the last few weeks have just been madness here and I haven't been on top of blogging at all!)
Amy said…
I just love Pix all snuggled up! Hope you have a healthier/happier week - hoping that for us too! Havne't been on my computer much except to do assignment this week, so I too will be back.
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