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I think Sunday Snippets is going to have to be a Sunday evening thing :-)! It is just not going to get done before then in the foreseeable future... seriously!

The last three weeks have been a bit emotional and rough with the toddler going back through her tantrum phase - I had thought we were done and dusted with that; hahaha, little did I know! At least this time she hasn't been making herself vomit, like she used to; but now there is a lot more anger, and wanting her own way behind it all. Anyway - that is going to be another post for another time...

Despite this, there have been many positive moments this week, and she is coming out with some of the cutest and funniest things ever... for example, yesterday Hubby was making pancakes for breakfast, and the milk was low - we had three further bottles in the freezer, but Button wasn't aware of this. Suddenly a little voice pops up with 'Daddy, you need to stop using our milk now, we need some for our muesli and our coffee, alright?!' Hahahaha... so cute! I told her it was okay, as we had some in the freezer, so she very seriously then gave hubby permission to continue to use the milk - classic!

This week has been about survival of the fittest in our house, as there appear to have been bugs lurking around every corner... sore throats, fevers, infections etc. But I think the worst is over, and we're all on the mend - hopefully this means the coming week will be better!

So without further ado, here are a few photos from our week - in no particular order:

Button discovered cleaning... and spent a good couple of hours one afternoon cleaning windows and walls outside!

Lots of fun on the trampoline with the neighbours

Cuddles with her "BFF" (Best Friend Forever).

Boxes outside turned into beds complete with blankets and 'pibbows' (pillows of course)!

'lil M was introduced to chocolate for the first time... love at first bite!
Yay for a non-allergy and reflux-free child!

Boundaries are being pushed daily... new things being attempted.

Including trying the big stairs - he got up to the fourth one before he gave up!

There were little cousin-playdates... aren't they just the cutest!

The boy cousins!

An impromptu photo of all five.. although our big girl isn't really in shot; she is lying behind her little sister!

Brown hills behind us... it has been such a gloriously hot, dry summer
(I know most people wouldn't agree with the glorious, but after last summer - A.M.A.Z.I.N.G)!

Baking sessions while the baby slept

There were also many other things happen - another playdate with a lovely friend and her son, a coffee date with a friend one evening for me, trips to get food, other trips out, serious discussions, loads of favourite tv programme watching... (another post for another time perhaps), sleeping, eating, cooking, cleaning, cuddling, kissing and other such normal 'day to day life stuff'!

Would love to have you pop in and link up again this week!

And once again - more wishing for more time to do more than just these Sunday Snippets and Recipe Posts; as it seems to be all I am able to do at the moment... but these days to shall pass, or so I am told!


And they shall pass too - far more quickly than you will give credit for at the moment!!
In the middle of the tantrums, just remember you are Mum, and pull rank if you need to.
Despite the tantrums you have had some special moments to enjoy.
Love and blessings
Glad to hear you are all on the mend too!!
Awesome trampoline shot!
The tantrums are tiring, aren't they - possibly a reaction to her dropping her daytime sleeps? All I can advise is to try and head them off when you see them building up (and don't feel guilty if you have to resort to bribery/telly/time out!) x
Amy said…
Wow, Lil M is really on the move!
Munchkin is expressing a LOT more anger these days too - feet kicking, screaming, etc...exhausting, even just choosing which battles to fight and which to leave is doing my head in, so you are not alone!
Definitely going to have to make some of that slice, I nearly drool just looking at it, thinking of all that chocolate and peppermint in one place. Grin.
Penny Tasi said…
Hi Elizabeth
Thank you so much for the lovely card. It was so thoughtful of you and I'm so appreciative of your prayers.
Bless you! Penny
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