For The Love Of...

This Man:

I am a very blessed lady... so very blessed to have this man walking beside me through life. He is everything I am not; God knew just what I needed to survive the roller coaster, and He placed all those attributes in my man.

He is steadfast, loyal and positive... he is 'funny' (hmmmm  - he laughs at his own jokes anyway), he is the glass-half-full in our relationship, and he is slow to anger! He is the fun parent - but I know he'll always have my back if the kids are playing up! He is consistent, loving, and generous with everything - including his time. 

He is the best Daddy in the whole world, and the kids adore him... he is always telling them (and me) how much he loves them - they will grow up without.a.single.doubt as to how much they are loved. He is intelligent - leaves me for dust, and an amazing teacher; will spend hours with the kids teaching them things and talking to them about stuff. He has never talked down to them - always treating them with respect, despite how young they still are.

It has been a rough week or two here - sick children and broken nights tend to leave you exhausted... He bares the brunt of these times, as he does his duties at night as needed, and then still goes to work, and comes home to deal with a tired, grumpy wife and sick kids, and has to start the cycle all over again! Praise God the worst seems to be over, and we're getting some sleep again...

But tired, grumpy wife tends to mouth-off and not think before she speaks... poor man, we had a very late night the other night and it had nothing to do with the kids. I am grateful for a forgiving husband, who holds no grudges - because I sure don't deserve him.

He also does more than his share of the housework; over Easter all of us were sick with a cold (an entirely different sick-weekend as opposed to the sick week we have just had), he and the kids were the worst, so I was the one who had to keep chugging along. My man doesn't get 'man-flu' often, but this one left him down and flat on his back for two days... by Monday I was beyond exhausted. Thankfully Monday was the day he sprung back to life - and so did the house, he did E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G for me, so I'd have an easier week after such a lousy weekend (vacuumed, mopped, dishes, cleaned toilets, cleaned bathrooms, cleaned the shower and the bath, wiped down messes - can't even remember everything he managed to complete, plus time with the kids; and no, you can't have him)!

So - just poppin' in to say 'I love you' to the best hubby in the world! 


And that is a blessing beyond words to have a hubby like that.
Love and blessings
Sophie said…
Sounds like he's solid gold! Sorry to hear you had such a rough week/weekend. Bloggy love.
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