Roll-Along Meatloaf

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Roll-Along Meatloaf!
Original recipe can be found here 

As promised in my previous post; here is the recipe for that intriguing meatloaf!

500g mince
2tsp mixed herbs (dried)
1tbsp worcestershire sauce
1c soft breadcrumbs (replaced with a cup of Gluten-free flour)
1 onion (chopped)
1 egg
2tbsp tomato sauce
1-2tbsp flour
1.5c of cold, cooked kumara (I just cooked and mashed it at the time of cooking - worked fine)
2tbsp spring onion (didn't have any, so never used it - was fine)
1/2c grated cheese

1) In a bowl, mix the first seven ingredients together thoroughly (down to tomato sauce).
2) Cut a piece of tinfoil 30x40cm and lightly sprinkle with flour.
3) Turn the meat mixture onto this, spread and press the mixture about 1cm thick and over a 20x30cm area (first photo).
4) Mix the cold, mashed kumara with spring onion and cheese. Spread over the meat to within 1cm of the edge.
5) Roll up like a sponge, using the foil to encase the roll.
6) Place in a shallow baking dish and bake it at 180oC for 45 minutes.

* Cook's Tip as per the website:
The original recipe called for mashed potato. We changed it to kumara, but any root vegetable will do. We also added herbs, onion, and worcestershire sauce for extra flavour. If you have fresh herbs such as thyme and parsley - use these instead of dried.

As you can tell in the photos, I didn't follow the recipe perfectly - hence why it was SO messy for us (I misread them, and it wasn't till I was typing them up here for you that I even realised I had *grin*)! So I will be trying it again, but doing it correctly next time - hoping it is less messy and works as the photo with the original recipe shows!


Looks and sounds great - may have to reduce the quantities for us, but the principles are still the same.
Blessings and love
I will DEFINITELY be trying this! Yum. Love that you're getting the confidence to adjust recipes to suit yourselves :)
Thanks for joining in xx
Amy said…
Mmmm, that sounds like something we might have to try soon, now that kumara is semi-affordable again! YAY!
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