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Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

This post was written last night in Word... it is RAMBLING and RANDOM; yep, hence the title - don't say I didn't warn you! Wednesday 29th May 2013 Gahhhh - the internet is going so freakin' slow this evening, that I am having to type this up in word, and hope by the end of the evening I can get a new post up and transfer this over. I hate nights like this... I had big plans for this evening - it started off as an evening of decadence; kids asleep by 7pm... so cup of tea, shower, cut my nails and then blog for a couple of hours! Yep - first time blogging in weeks (well, ten days at least), and now the internet is not working; there is ALWAYS something, isn't there! Everything was going to plan until now, I am half an hour later than scheduled (I should know, as a Mum of two small children, that the word schedule should no longer be part of my vocabulary; but there is always that little bit of hope that maybe something will go according to plan) , and now the

No Sunday Snippets (this week)!

In case you hadn't noticed! Sick children, sick me, busy days and little to no evenings followed by little to no sleep (due to sick children, well child really)... altogether this means Sunday Snippets (and all other blogging I had planned) just never happened this week! And neither has anything else - but never mind, these things happen and it's not forever (repeat... over and over and over again with me, please - I might believe it more if there is a chorus behind me *grin*) ! I have got SO many ideas and so many posts running around in my head - but just no time at the moment to even attempt to put it all down. Maybe one day SOON (hahaha) I'll get some spare time to start writing... maybe!

Sunday Snippets 16

Good evening again, I had hoped to have popped in before now and written up a couple more posts... but time has been against me once again! Never mind, we'll get there eventually - maybe :-)! Well - only a weeks worth of photos and fun to share with you all this week, so we're back on track again; yay! I have been very blessed to have had my  Mum  staying with me this past week - I had hoped that a few focused days at Preschool with me, would see Button start settling! So I called Mum in, and asked her to babysit 'lil M; while I handled the Preschool situation... The first couple of days went well - I was able to go and 'have a coffee' while she kept on playing; although both days ended with her calling for me, quite upset that I had taken so long! The second day she let me go off a second time though, so we felt this was really good progress. But Day 3 (which was Thursday, and the fourth day in a row out for her) was a complete disaster... so the

Sunday Snippets 15

Welcome again - I hope I see some of you link in with me this week...! It would be lovely to have you here. I am doing a whole May catch-up this week, and then as of next week we should be back up to the week-by-week accounts! So - without further ado: There were birthdays to celebrate! You can read the whole post  here! And Button has been: Top Left - going round anti-clockwise 1) Practising her gymnastics wherever she can 2) Having a quiet moment with her 'baby', giving her a feed while watching a DVD 3) Chewing on Daddy's finger - includes a real piece of bread and tomato sauce! (another story for another time)! 4) Watching TV with Daddy from the best vantage point 5) The Pink Parade 6) Texting Mama (Grandma) on her phone 7) Talking to Pop-Pop on her phone (Pop-Pop doesn't text Mummy)! 8-9) Hair up for the first week back at gymnastics this term! And 'lil M has been: Top Left - going round anti-clock

Changes... Changes... Changes...

There are a few changes going on in our little world lately... and it all comes down to growing up! Button will be starting Preschool this week - admittedly, at this stage it will just be visiting (she is enrolled, but with holidays it seemed pointless taking her for loads of visits; only to have a fortnight of nothing before just dropping her off - so it'll be two weeks of visits, then on week three it'll be drop and run) ; but it won't be long before it'll become an integral part of our lives... Thus begins our lives focused around (pre)school activities etc!  I remember a conversation with someone recently (can't think who it was now, if it was you - then I apologise for my slack memory) and they commented about how much freedom there is in these early years, and even once the kids start Preschool / Kindy, the freedom is somewhat limited. And I can see this already - the mornings, which currently are quite a slow start for us (not a late start, just

Celebrating Button...

Button turned three on Wednesday... She missed out on her party, so we decided (last minute) that we should do something to celebrate; so a few texts went out to invite some friends over for a small morning tea. Unfortunately we left it so late, that very few people made it - but that didn't make it any less special! She got her presents from us, and hubby took a day off work - we'd already planned it this way, as we still wanted to make her actual day a bit special. The idea had been, due to the meant-to-have-been big combined party, that her birthday would be a low-key family-only day! It still pretty much ended up being this; but we were blessed that her 'Nana Hilda' (a family friend) and some friends from church were both able to make it as well! So from us she got a big dollshouse, and 'lil M 'gave' her a tent and tunnel set: She also helped me to ice and decorate her cake: It was finished off with a family walk around t


As some of you have read - it's been a rough few weeks / months for me; a couple of my posts ( here  and  here ) have alluded to it... and I have been debating for a while now, whether or not to quit facebook, delete my blog or make it private, and other such things as this. It finally came to a head a little while ago, and I started writing a post about it - but have since deleted it; as it really wasn't something I now believe is safe to share here. Suffice to say - I am in the process of working through some of these issues with a counsellor... I believe this is vital for the health of my marriage and my family. I am hoping this will bring about positive changes for me, especially over this winter - as I find winter a difficult season at the best of times. This may mean that my blog will be quieter over the coming months, as most of my 'homework' requires me to write in a private journal (paper of course)! I doubt I'll have the time or energy to do b

Sunday Snippets 14

I'm back... This is going to be for all of April... next week I'll catch you up on the first half of May, and then we should be back on track again! There were some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G skies in April: And loads of baking / cooking going on in the kitchen: Some of these recipes will eventually end up on my blog - promise! Both the kids got spoilt with birthday presents: 'lil M  turned one Button turned  three Unfortunately, if you follow my blog - you'll already know that the  party weekend  didn't go as planned; and everything had to get cancelled due to illness. On Button's actual birthday - we did have a very small celebration, which I will post about later... but thus far nothing has been done to celebrate 'lil M yet. We will be rescheduling his dedication, and will have a small celebration afterwards for him then (with a belated cake and all)! Left = Button drew her first person!  Right = she

One, Two, Three... BLAST OFF!

This precious little girl... turns THREE today. Where has the time gone? My baby has disappeared, and in her place is this gorgeous preschooler - this little girl who can melt my heart and push all my buttons in less than a minute. This little girl who whispers 'I love you best Mummy' in my ear one day, and screaming her little lungs out until she is blue in the face just a few seconds later! This little girl has attitude; she knows exactly what she wants AND when she wants it, oh - and HOW she wants it as well! I like that... it drives me insane, don't get me wrong; but it also calms my fears and concerns, I know she'll be okay - she is not a kid who will just do what is expected of her or asked of her, she will question everything and make her own mind up!  BUT - she is the sweetest, kindest, cutest, loveliest little girl I have ever had the opportunity to know, to bring into this world, to love and to cuddle! Her manners are exceptional ('Thank y
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