Celebrating Button...

Button turned three on Wednesday...

She missed out on her party, so we decided (last minute) that we should do something to celebrate; so a few texts went out to invite some friends over for a small morning tea. Unfortunately we left it so late, that very few people made it - but that didn't make it any less special!

She got her presents from us, and hubby took a day off work - we'd already planned it this way, as we still wanted to make her actual day a bit special. The idea had been, due to the meant-to-have-been big combined party, that her birthday would be a low-key family-only day! It still pretty much ended up being this; but we were blessed that her 'Nana Hilda' (a family friend) and some friends from church were both able to make it as well!

So from us she got a big dollshouse, and 'lil M 'gave' her a tent and tunnel set:

She also helped me to ice and decorate her cake:

It was finished off with a family walk around the gardens, and a quiet dinner at home.

A lovely day had by all, especially our little birthday girl!


What a special day - love the cake photos! You do so well.
Love and blessings
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