Changes... Changes... Changes...

There are a few changes going on in our little world lately... and it all comes down to growing up!

Button will be starting Preschool this week - admittedly, at this stage it will just be visiting (she is enrolled, but with holidays it seemed pointless taking her for loads of visits; only to have a fortnight of nothing before just dropping her off - so it'll be two weeks of visits, then on week three it'll be drop and run); but it won't be long before it'll become an integral part of our lives... Thus begins our lives focused around (pre)school activities etc! 

I remember a conversation with someone recently (can't think who it was now, if it was you - then I apologise for my slack memory) and they commented about how much freedom there is in these early years, and even once the kids start Preschool / Kindy, the freedom is somewhat limited. And I can see this already - the mornings, which currently are quite a slow start for us (not a late start, just a slow start), are going to have to pick up the pace if we want to get Button to Preschool on time... It also means I won't have the freedom to just spontaneously decide to go and visit my parents for a week, and other such things as this! Anyone who knows me will be laughing at the above sentence - I know, as I don't do spontaneous well... and I don't go visiting out-of-town without a whole lot of planning and thinking ahead of time! 

BUT - we almost did, the last-minute plan had been to head down to my parents for a week after the big combined party... just me and the kids (I always go down for a week with the kids, but generally it is around September / October). But once again illness played havoc with those plans as well; it dawned on me though, that I won't be able to do this again once she starts Preschool - pre-planning for these trips is still fine, but no once-in-a-lifetime-spontaneous-trip ever again.

I am hoping that Preschool will help her with her socialisation skills, and growing up a bit more - she has, what I refer to (and other friends with young children) 'First Child Syndrome', where she still expects us to do everything for her, as she was accustomed to! My boy is not like that, he gets hurt and he comes slithering over to me for comfort; she gets hurt and she sits there screaming - expecting me to run and comfort her!

My baby is growing up, and will be starting her life without me... it all seems a little surreal, it is said that 'The days are long, but the years short' at this age, and it is SO true! Sometimes it feels I have been in this stage 'forever', and yet I can't get the surreal feeling of Button being three to leave me yet!

And that is just Button...

'lil M is growing up just as fast - he weaned himself a week after his 1st birthday... yep, totally weaned himself! His sister was still on about five feeds a day at that age - he is just such a different child to her, and we love them both DEARLY!

He is also FINALLY starting to crawl properly, not just slither across the floor - quite often now, won't be long and it'll be knees all the time! He is also pulling himself up on everything, and starting to shuffle along the furniture - the other day he even took two steps towards hubby (one hand still on the couch, but still...)! My baby is growing up!

He is busy, and into everything - he throws everything, he keeps himself entertained quite well (when he is not teething and grumpy *grin*), and he copes with limited sleep... it makes him crazy, like happy C.R.A.Z.Y; at least the day of the lack of sleep, the day after - not so good!

Anyway - another change, with all the above changes... I get some child-free time! We are starting to take a few hours alternative weekends by ourselves child-free (hence all the blog posts today *grin*), and maybe now we can think about the odd baby-sitting stint as well.

Hmmm - yep, changes are a-happening around here!


I figured the reason for the multiple posts ;-).
Yup - the spontaneity is now worked around terms and holidays, to a point. You are not locked in quite the same as school, yet.
Happy visiting.
Love and blessings
Unknown said…
Sounds like lots of changes all at once. They have such impacts in a mama's heart. Good changes. x
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