Don't Say I Didn't Warn You...

This post was written last night in Word... it is RAMBLING and RANDOM; yep, hence the title - don't say I didn't warn you!

Wednesday 29th May 2013

Gahhhh - the internet is going so freakin' slow this evening, that I am having to type this up in word, and hope by the end of the evening I can get a new post up and transfer this over. I hate nights like this...

I had big plans for this evening - it started off as an evening of decadence; kids asleep by 7pm... so cup of tea, shower, cut my nails and then blog for a couple of hours! Yep - first time blogging in weeks (well, ten days at least), and now the internet is not working; there is ALWAYS something, isn't there! Everything was going to plan until now, I am half an hour later than scheduled (I should know, as a Mum of two small children, that the word schedule should no longer be part of my vocabulary; but there is always that little bit of hope that maybe something will go according to plan), and now the internet is not working! Oh well, at least the kids are still asleep!

So - in case you hadn't worked it out, this is just going to be one of those rambling posts... I have got a whole lot of 'focused' posts swirling round in my head (I should really at least start to write them up, so I don't lose them *grin*), but it feels such a long time since I have had the chance just to write... anything, nothing. Like Ange, it is starting to feel like I am losing my own space, as the pressure to do my linky (that no one is linking up to anyway *sigh*) is about all I have the time to do now. Only reason I am continuing on with it is because I have paid the yearly sub - but once that is over, I am over it as well.

I really SHOULD be doing our finances, and I really SHOULD be doing the minutes for a Trust I am on (next meeting is next week, and it has been about 6 weeks since the last meeting... yep, really should be doing those minutes), I should also have tidied up the kids area, gone through 'lil M's clothes and a million other things... but I 'lost' last night to 'other things' when I had planned on blogging, and I'll be blowed if I lose another night for 'other things'! They can wait... probably end up doing them over the weekend instead - but as it's my 'weekend off', the minutes and things CAN be done then, as I'll have the time; just don't tell the kids otherwise one of them might get sick again!

We have had pretty much two months of constant sickness here, starting at Easter and still going now... I think the longest between 'out-breaks' as been a week; seriously! We had a great six months between October and Easter, with only teething causing issues - but boy, have we paid for it now! Surely it is time for a break, please!

I am sitting in our lounge on my laptop, listening to my own music through headphones (well, those silly little ear pieces actually, which keep falling out) while hubby is listening to some boring person teaching him about 3-D Programming for games on our big TV... it is quite funny as he keeps making strange finger movements that catch my eye, it looks like he is either having some sort of fit or he is doing the fingers (in some contorted way) to the TV (hubby that is, not the boring guy on the TV). Just thought I would  set the scene here, because some of this may not be making sense anywhere but in my head - getting a bit distracted with the music and hubby's strange antics!!! BUT I am loving the ability to listen to my music without people complaining, hubby and I have VERY different tastes; and while the kids are to young to complain about it very loudly yet, they still prefer their own music, so it's not very often I get to listen to my stuff these days. Isn't it amazing how music can transport you back to somewhere and some time totally different to the 'here and now'... I am so distracted tonight; good thing this is being written up on Word, as I will have the time to go back through edit before hitting 'post'!

Yep - typing 'aloud' as I think, which means this pretty much does not make sense to anyone but me (just went back and tried rereading it), but I warned you it was a random, rambling post...

Button is settling well into Preschool now - when I say 'well', I mean well for her; not well for anyone else really! There are still tears when I leave, and tears when I arrive; but the teachers are reassuring me that they don't last long, and she is happy the majority of the time these days; such a relief. As a parent you always wonder if you're doing the right thing, if you have prepared them well enough for the transition, if you've done something wrong in the past for this to not to going as well as hoped, if you made the right call regarding the centre... But I know, that I know, that I know - this IS the right decision for her, and the right centre for her. The teachers are amazing and very supportive for her and us as we settle her in, the environment totally backs up everything we believe at home, there is an underlying love and compassion there that I have not seen or felt elsewhere - the staff aren't there for the money, but for the kids; you can feel it, it exudes through everything. It is a really positive environment and I LOVE it, which will help her settling in... if she can feel that I am happy and relaxed there, she'll relax  and settle in quicker herself.

'lil M is such a different kid, he just takes life in his stride and as long as he gets fed every half hour, he is happy!!!!! Mum came up and babysat him for a week while I took Button into Preschool and stayed with her to help with the settling in process, and I don't think he even noticed I was missing... He will be so easy to settle, as he'll be familiar with the place and the process long before he starts! Whether it is this Preschool, or we have moved on before then - he'll just walk in and take over, I can just see it! Despite his 'laid-back' front, don't be fooled; he has a strong will and it is just starting to really show... Madam is starting to discover he is a force to reckon with, as he is now starting to push back and take toys off her, splash her in the bath (she HATES this), and pretend to bite her if she is really annoying him! Then he just looks at us and gives us a HUGE cheeky grin - oh boy, I think we have our work cut out with this one as well... two very strong-willed children, but in two completely different ways, so we won' t be able to use the same strategies on them. Urghh, this parenting lark isn't all roses!!!!! Ahhh, but the cuddles - the cuddles and kisses make it worthwhile... even at 3am for the third night in a row, and the kisses are more snot than kiss; it is still sweet, even then! 'lil M has been super-sick with this latest cold, worst I have ever seen him... I have been having to put him to sleep in my arms, I haven't had to do this since he was like 3 months old - that is how sick he has been! But once he is asleep I have loved just sitting watching him sleep, cuddling my sweet little baby boy while I still can - tonight is the first night he has self-settled himself to sleep, but he has probably been well enough to have done it for the couple of nights previous, but I couldn't resist cuddling him a couple more times. He is SO busy that decent cuddles are few and far between, and treasured (by both hubby and me) when they do occur!

Did you know that I have 309 photos to rename... yep, yet another job I have been putting off *sigh*, why do jobs keep getting bigger, not smaller when you leave them?!?

We introduced Button to 'Footloose' the other day (well the music anyway; and yep - we're both 80's freaks from way back, about the only thing we have in common regarding music, but even then it is VERY different genres we listen to)! SO much fun, I have never seen hubby dance before then; as he'd long outgrown the Nightclub scene by the time we met... hahaha, now I understand why *grin*! I managed to get a short video clip of the two of them dancing to it, unfortunately the light is VERY bad and you really can't see just how funny it was (I should have really changed my angle, but I was scared it would make them stop altogether), oh but it will bring back memories when we look back in years to come! I love unplanned, spontaneous moments like that - we all joined it at some stage or another, and she just loved dancing with us!

Anyway - in case you can't tell, my mind is wondering all over the place and I have just written over 1600 words of dribble, so will sign off now and hope I can post it tonight...


I don't mind a long and rambling post - but them I am a wee bit biased :-).
Love and blessings
Amy said…
Hehe, I loved reading the a fellow rambler is it nice to just hear what's going through your mind occassionally.
Sorry to hear you're still battling the bugs - I remember when Munchkin was about 16months old he was sick almost continuously for 8 weeks - cut 8 teeth in 6wks (or was it the other way around?) and it was grueling and we had to resort to tv, cuddling to sleep, etc, etc, etc so I totally feel your pain!
But he did let me leave preschool today without ANY tears and only tried to climb up me about twice for cuddles first (non-cuddly boy has turned into a bit of a cuddle bum especially when he knows Mummy's about to leave!). Hehehe. The joys of parenthood. Hope you get to enjoy your music again soon!
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