One, Two, Three... BLAST OFF!

This precious little girl... turns THREE today.

Where has the time gone? My baby has disappeared, and in her place is this gorgeous preschooler - this little girl who can melt my heart and push all my buttons in less than a minute. This little girl who whispers 'I love you best Mummy' in my ear one day, and screaming her little lungs out until she is blue in the face just a few seconds later!

This little girl has attitude; she knows exactly what she wants AND when she wants it, oh - and HOW she wants it as well! I like that... it drives me insane, don't get me wrong; but it also calms my fears and concerns, I know she'll be okay - she is not a kid who will just do what is expected of her or asked of her, she will question everything and make her own mind up! 

BUT - she is the sweetest, kindest, cutest, loveliest little girl I have ever had the opportunity to know, to bring into this world, to love and to cuddle! Her manners are exceptional ('Thank you Mummy for making me porridge for breakfast'), her smile is exquisite, her hugs are to die for... I am not a touch person, but she is - by the end of the day I am all touched-out, but I love it and am going to take as many of them as I possibly can cope with, as one day she'll be all growed up and leave me!

This little girl is gold - she is funny, and can make us laugh until our sides split; she has the biggest vocab I have ever heard in a preschooler (although I think my niece was probably more fluent again, however I don't live with her *grin*), and comes out with the most amazing sentences and can totally floor us both! She adores her brother, and is constantly telling him how much she loves him, and tries to cuddle him (ummm - read squeeze him, squish him, strangle him)! I think I must be doing something right when I hear familiar phrases coming out of her mouth - 'You can do it 'lil M', 'That's it kiddo, you did it', oh and you know, those other ones 'Just settle down', 'No 'lil M -  you can't do that'... and one of those unrepeatable phrases 'Toughen up Cream Puff' (hahaha)!

This little girl is a kid who has sides not everyone gets to see - I really wish, sometimes, that you could all have a peep into our house and watch her without her knowledge! She really is something else, but the public persona is not necessarily the one that portrays her the best... that shows off her wacky, sweet and lovely nature! But I am sure that as she grows in confidence, these lovely aspects of her will shine through more and more - and I for one, can't wait to show her off in all her glory!

My darling daughter - you are well worth the wait, and I am excited and thrilled to be your Mummy. I am so looking forward to watching you grow up and flourish into an exceptional child, and then one amazing adult! 

You really are 'the apple of our eye' precious girl. May you always know that we love you, may you always know we have your back... may you always feel the strength that comes from family; the strength to try new things, to attempt the impossible and to conquer your fears. May we, as your parents, be the kind of inspiration and encouragement that allows you to be all you can be; never holding back nor giving up. May you grow up to be everything God created you to be...

We love you Lydia - always and forever.

Mummy xxx


I just have to add a few things here, things you don't feel you can include in the above - but things I just HAVE to tell someone; as I am just bursting!

* She can count to 20, and recognises the numbers as well!
* She can recognise EVERY single letter in the alphabet!
* She can spell, admittedly she can't yet read; BUT if you show her a picture of a clock and the word - she knows it says clock, and she'll then 'read' it out to you letter by letter! I tell you - she knows every letter in the alphabet, yep... proud parent (and I can seriously say she knew all this when she was still only two)! 
* She recognises her name (of course)!
* She knows all her colours and shapes as well (naturally)!
* She plays on our phones and the tablet and knows more than I do! Yep -  total Techie Kid!

Anyway, enough bragging, I really have to head off now!!!


You're allowed to brag - and I agree she is precious (and at times precocious) and I love her to bits too!
Love and Blessings
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