Sunday Snippets 14

I'm back...

This is going to be for all of April... next week I'll catch you up on the first half of May, and then we should be back on track again!

There were some A.M.A.Z.I.N.G skies in April:

And loads of baking / cooking going on in the kitchen:

Some of these recipes will eventually end up on my blog - promise!

Both the kids got spoilt with birthday presents:

'lil M turned one

Button turned three

Unfortunately, if you follow my blog - you'll already know that the party weekend didn't go as planned; and everything had to get cancelled due to illness.

On Button's actual birthday - we did have a very small celebration, which I will post about later... but thus far nothing has been done to celebrate 'lil M yet. We will be rescheduling his dedication, and will have a small celebration afterwards for him then (with a belated cake and all)!

Left = Button drew her first person! 

Right = she also drew our swing set free-hand!

So clever!

Here is a quick pictorial of our month... to summerise:

There were:
- Daddy dates
- First steps
- Playdough meals
- Walks in The Gardens
- Chasing chickens
- Puzzle making
- Helping to stack wood with Daddy
- Family coffee dates at a cafe (first attempt with the two of them, and they were SO well behaved)!
- Relaxing
- Building
- Experimenting
- Housework
- Playing
- Running... lots and lots of running
- Preschool decisions made
- Illness
- Too many visits to the Doctors

And general family chaos... with visitors and playdates, trips to the shops, rough-housing, sibling love and sibling rivalry, and everything in-between!

Feel free to link up with me - you can do a monthly round-up like I have done, or just snippets of your past week... next week we'll start getting back on schedule seriously though!


It was a very full month - and full on too. Well done on surviving it.
Love and blessings
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