Sunday Snippets 15


Welcome again - I hope I see some of you link in with me this week...! It would be lovely to have you here.

I am doing a whole May catch-up this week, and then as of next week we should be back up to the week-by-week accounts!

So - without further ado:

There were birthdays to celebrate!
You can read the whole post here!

And Button has been:

Top Left - going round anti-clockwise
1) Practising her gymnastics wherever she can
2) Having a quiet moment with her 'baby', giving her a feed while watching a DVD
3) Chewing on Daddy's finger - includes a real piece of bread and tomato sauce! (another story for another time)!
4) Watching TV with Daddy from the best vantage point
5) The Pink Parade
6) Texting Mama (Grandma) on her phone
7) Talking to Pop-Pop on her phone (Pop-Pop doesn't text Mummy)!
8-9) Hair up for the first week back at gymnastics this term!

And 'lil M has been:

Top Left - going round anti-clockwise
1) Eating birthday cake
2) My little boy-girl! Second child syndrome; older sibling hand-me-downs!
3) LOVING playing Peek-A-Boo under the curtains!
4) Our poor coffee table - 2nd child teething on it!
5) Posing for the camera!

And playing together:

Top left, across and then down:
1) Playing nicely together (wrestling really)!
2) Indoor picnic, celebrating the wet weekend!
3) Proof we all made it to the top of the driveway for the first ever time! Button walked the whole way (1km of hills)!
4) The novelty of the first fire of the season!
5) Button trying to teach 'lil M how to use the tablet properly!
6-7) Going round the supermarket in a car! FUN!


Gorgeous sunsets and a poor Kingfisher that dive-bombed our french doors, and knocked itself out! I rescued it and then took some photos... AMAZING colours, unfortunately this photo doesn't give it justice!

Well that's it for now, see you next week!


Busy busy busy as ever - glad to be here and part of it for a few days.
Love and blessings
Amy said…
I just love that Button‘gets’ that Pop Pop doesn’t text – amazing how much kids take in, aye! That bun in her hair is just too cute!
The coffee table is just the right height for nibbling. Your fire looks so nice (wish I had one, even though we’ve not been cold enough yet to warrant it here), and the supermarket car looked fun.
Hope to link in again sometime, but maybe not for a few weeks, ok? Keeping on top of the study but only just...halfway there though, yay!
Amy said…
Haha, after saying I wouldn't link for awhile, I just couldn't resist!
Amy :o)
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