It is DONE...

Facebook has GONE...

My blog-reading list is down to about 6 (I think), but have added two further new ones which I have been kinda glancing through for a while, but have not followed closely!

Will now spend a little bit of time reading through these and look at some of their recommended sites... I figure if I like their writing, then I'll likely enjoy some of their recommended reading also!

If you're interested in knowing who the two 'newbies' are, I'll share them with you (they won't be to everyone's taste, I am well aware):

I thought I would feel a sense of relief, but to be honest - I am probably too tired to care right now! It has been a LONG weekend with the three sickies, and we have done nothing that we had planned on doing. Had to cancel lunch out as a family on Saturday, then dinner and babysitters on Saturday night, no church today, baking failure this afternoon, and no 'down time' for me yesterday! So I am sneaking in a couple of hours this arvo, as hubby had a long 3 hour sleep this morning and is feeling slightly better. I know, with a young family, weekends like this are inevitable - but it has been disappointing, and it feels like a 'nothing' weekend; and I just want a do-over!!!!!! We have three busy weekends coming up, and then we're meant to be going away for a week's holiday as a family... so there is going to be very little down-time until then, and I am not counting on it when we're away either, as the kids will be out of home and out of routine (less disappointing that way)! But at least we'll be altogether, and hubby will be there to help carry the load! I AM looking forward to the break though...

Do I sound like a whinge?

Lets start thinking of the good then:

* I am not sick, I am tired - but I am not sick!
* Button has not been as bad as the others, and will still be able to attend Preschool tomorrow (as long as she doesn't get worse overnight)! She is tired and fragile, but that is a perpetual state for her currently, due to cutting out her day sleeps.
* Hubby is starting to feel much better, and told me to go hide upstairs while he watches the kids for a couple of hours!
* I heard the vacuum cleaner going before, yay!!!!!!
* Despite the baking failure alluded to above, the biscuits are still eatable (and I think I know what I did wrong in order to 'fix' it next time)!
* Despite the fact we had to stay home last night, it did mean we got to watch the AB's thump France live! Wahoo...!!!!
* The weather outside is TERRIBLE, but we live in a lovely, warm and cosy house... and the fire isn't even going!

So there you have it, quite a bit of positive going on around here after all!

Well - I have been overloading you recently, so I had better sign off now and send a quick e-mail out, before heading back downstairs and facing the hordes for a couple more hours before bedtime!


Jen said…
I hope your whole family is well soon! And yeah, going away with little kids isn't going "on vacation", it's just going "on location". But somehow the change of scenery still makes a difference, if only to feel refreshed when coming home!
Amy said…
Well done, both for FB and surviving the weekend! Did it take much to cancel your FB account?
Glad to hear your happenings are going as planned. Do hope all recover quickly - I am doing the big sniff, sneeze ands drip still, and it looks as though I may have shared.........
Love and blessings
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