Our Little Poser

Last week I had to race Button down to the Doctor with a bladder infection... thankfully it was on the day hubby was off work due to being sick - so he stayed home and watched the baby! Made the rush trip a little more bearable!

When we got home, I was surprised to find a parcel waiting for me - my cousin had sent up some 'belated' birthday gifts for the kids, perfect timing for our little sickie who was feeling rather sorry for herself!

Here she is posing in her new rabbit hat (which has hardly left her head since) and her new t-shirt the day after... she also got a 'camera', which has been used so much that the batteries SHOULD be flat by now, as it is driving us insane!

Me thinks someone has seen a real camera a few times!


Amy said…
Just love the hat.
Can I have one, can I, can I???!!
Amy said…
Arrrgh, Blogger had a bit of a spaz on me! Meant to say that somehow I don't think Button will be reliniquishing her beautiful hat anytime soon. Grin
So looking forward to seeing that hat IRL - looks fabulous - wonder if I will be able to 'have a turn' :-)
Blessings and love
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