The Happs... in my house!

So - for those of you who 'know' me on Facebook, and/or 'know' me in real life; may be aware that there have been some changes going on here... or at least, I hope you're aware!!!!

And I figured it was time for a blog post, an explanation, an introduction... you know; just something to keep you up with 'The Happs in my house'! 

Currently - the latest news is that Man-Flu has hit for the second time this season; and three out of four of us have been struck down! Me being the only one standing; hoping the kids start to improve tomorrow, and preferably hubby then as well (but he only got struck down today, so I am not holding my breath)! The kids aren't to bad - they're been sick for over a week now, but are just in that 'I'm a bit sick and a bit cranky - but not reeeeeally bad' state... hubby doesn't get struck down often, so here's hoping it's short-lived! 

But of course - this is not 'The Happs' I am talking about, just thought I'd let you know that we're a 'sick-house' once more! Of course - the upside to this is that everyone is asleep; but my mind is buzzing, so I am making the most of the peace and quiet, and lack of distraction here... being after 10pm though, I'd be worried if the kids were still awake; worried and rather peeved I might add!

I am deleting Facebook as of this weekend; going cold-turkey... it needs to happen, seriously! I have been muttering about quitting blogging, going private, taking a blog-break etc; but after much thought, I realised that it is not blogging that eats up all my time - it is Facebook (or Faceblab as someone once called it):

One of the issues I have is how they think they know more about me and my own personal choices than I do... the constant changing of privacy settings and friends settings is driving me insane! I discovered today that a friend of mine is still on FB regularly, but I haven't been getting her posts for months - I'd assumed she'd got busy and stopped posting. But no - apparently FB had decided, of it's own accord, that I no longer needed to hear from this friend! And now I am wondering how many others there are like this... how many others I am missing, because FB says I should! 

Yep - getting out, before it gets me!

And of course, all the changes with photos - I tag my Mum in a photo of my kids, as I want her to see something; and I get more comments from her friends than my own. People I don't even know can not only see my kids, but they have the right to now comment; and did you realise, because they have commented ALL their friends can now see that same picture, although they can't comment. 

FREAKS ME OUT... my kids future schools will have a profile set up about them before they even start. There'll be warnings about behavioural issues before they have even met my child, let alone given them a chance to prove themselves - they'll think they know all their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their friends, what they do in their spare time - possibly what they'll eventually chose as a future career path, or who'll they'll marry. 

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

Do I sound crazy?

Then there is the toll it is taking on my own little family... I have very self-righteously said I hardly ever turn my computer on while the kids are awake - this is true. But the sad reality is that I have a Smartphone, so I don't need my computer; I get my FB fix, my e-mail fix and my text fix all in the one little place. I check FB regularly - I may not sit down for long, I may not linger; but I quite possibly know some of my friends little kids better than my own... I don't focus when they (they being MY kids) are talking, I don't play when they ask, I don't listen when I should be, I don't make eye-contact - basically they are growing up believing that Mummy's phone is more important than they are. This is NOT what I want my children to believe, and this is not how I ever planned on bringing them up. I could justify it to you, I could give plausible reasons why I should keep this obsession up and make it sound almost like it is a necessity to my health and well-being. But I can no longer believe it myself, and the guilt has been eating me up now for weeks, possibly even months - because it has taken me that long to convince myself that I can live without it.

I am hoping - with all the extra spare time, I will blog more often and on deeper, more meaningful issues... I will have time to think and formulate blog posts, and hopefully inspire and encourage people, which is why I set out on this journey in the first place.

There are more changes to come - now that I have started this journey, I am on a mission... so much wasted time in my life, so many more important things to be doing. Not just for my family, but for myself as well; this decision is not a martyr-thing, yet another 'sacrifice for my family' - this is me taking back my life. Me making decisions that a good for me, and thus impacting my family in good ways, me remembering what I am passionate about and getting back to my roots.

This is me, and I feel good!


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